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1. Bully Report By: Isabella Verduzco & Hollie Geike 2. Bully Report: Problem. This app is for people who are being bullied or see bullying happening secretly and want to report it. The reason why we made this app is because we had advisory and it was about bullying and we felt sad for the people who are bullied. 3. Bully Report: Question. This app can help when people dont want to be seen telling the teacher on what happened or when you were bullied, and you are too afraid to speak up. 4. Bully Report: Key of the app. The most important thing to Us is that everyone in school could be helped and wont think about committing suicide, If they Do ? 5. Bully Report: Pitch. My Team is developing an app to help people who are being bullied or see it happening too so they can stop the problem right away and to make them happy & not depressed. 6. Bully Report:Facts about bullying! *Teasing, only if it gets out of hand *Talking about hurting someone,only if they plan a day *Spreading rumors,if its really bad stop it! *leaving kids out/ignoring kids on purpose, be nice! *Attacking someone by hitting them or yelling at them, be nice if they didn't do anything and dont do it in the first place! CopywriteStopBullying.gov 7. Bully Report:Some More Facts Nearly 1 in 3 students(27.8%) are bullied during the school year! Did you know that 64%who were bullied did not report the problem and the problem probably got worse! 8. Bully Report: How it works/#kids! Bully report works by downloading the app,pushing the enter button, then if you are a student you put your school,name,teacher,also your state and city we need this information so we can help! 9. Bully Report: How it works/teach. If you are a teacher you need to is... *Get the app *push enter *put information(Password,class,state & city,teacher name) *choose a student *read the note and stop the problem! 10. Bully Report:Flow/Feedback Beginning Enter-> Enter -> Enter-> Enter-> Enter-> Enter-> Send-> Enter-> Title Student/ teacher screen Teacher login screen Student login screen Teacher: Names of students Student: typing the message teacher: selects Students name Students: then go back to home teacher: reads students message and exits 11. Bully Report:Front page This is page #1, so what you do is push the enter button. 12. Bully Report:Page two This is page 2, what you do is select student or if you are a teach you select the teacher button. 13. Bully Report: page 3 Teacher on this page you put the information and your principal will set you up! 14. Bully Report: page 4 Teacher Then you select the students name and if they have a message. 15. Bully Report: Page 5 This is a note that I (Isabella) made, this represents the note that the student would make but in their own words. 16. Bully Report: For the students screen they need to put this information in the device. 17. Bully Report: Student So now the students would type the note in and would push the send button. 18. Bully Report: Student And this is the final page of the app for the students so this when they know the message is on there way!