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  • 1. Discover the lifestyle within..

2. Saudi German HospitalsBurj RafalKing Abdullah Financial DistrictkingdomA distinct location and a true landmark ..Burj Rafal community is located at King Fahd Highway in Al Sahafa District, north the Saudi capital - Riyadh -a very prominent and prestigious area in Riyadh close to King Abdullah Financial Center and set to create aniche of its own world. 3. Burj Rafal kingdomAl Faisaliah Unique luxurious and elegant architecture .. Burj Rafal community is designed to reflect sheer elegance and pure luxury that every person with a style always dreamt of. Burj Rafal is destined to be the most desirable address in Riyadh and a vibrant residential hub, a self-sustained community, where residents and visitors will enjoy an incomparable quality lifestyle. 4. The lifestyle within ..Opening in June 2013, this unique and glorious vertical residential self-sustained community will be a landmark of 65stories constructed on an exclusive 20,000sqm plot. It would be the nearest luxurious vertical property to the KKIAand is well connected by roads and has the advantage of alternate accessibility. The community will be equipped withthe state-of-the-art facilities and fully integrated systems, 360 degree of natural light, best utilization of space usingworld-class construction. Kempinski Hotel - one of the most renowned luxurious European hotel in the world - will behosted in this community, extending an elegant lifestyle and serenity for you, family and guests year-round. 5. The private Club L65The Penthouse duplex residential apartments L63 & L64 The residential apartmentsBurj Rafal Hotel Kempinski serviced apartmentsBurj Rafal Hotel Kempinski rooms and suitsThe community components .. An iconic structure and most sought-after address Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski with its Najdi modern architecture, luxurious rooms, suits and serviced apartments,ballroom, business centers, banqueting, restaurants, cafs & cigar lounge Luxury spa and wellness center operated by Resense (renowned Swiss brand) Unique elegant residential apartments in a compound-style living Boulevard of selected boutique-style outlets 6. The tower deflectionThe mechanical level structureMechanical, electrical and structural design lifestyle ..Benefiting from equally distributed daylight and gorgeous view of Riyadh, The philosophy of the MEP is to provide acost effective and energy efficient engineering systems, whilst not compromising the quality of installation or comfortof the tenants; which will be in accordance with the international standards and local regulations; allowing the abilityto perform routine maintenance, fresh-air ventilation, A/C systems, energy recovery systems, pressurization systems,chilled water systems, water tanks and domestic water supply, fire fighting systems, swimming pools and waterfeatures. However, the philosophy of the Structural design is the tower deflection under wind loading , seismicloading, vertical loads, cracking, and comfort.. 7. A well thought through traffic , car parks, and BOH plan - soothing lifestyle ..A well thought-through traffic plan with its impact for years to come; it extends a smooth and wellmanaged entrance, exit and drive through with sufficient car parks and dedicated service area forthe Back-of-House.. 8. Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski .. appreciating lifeExclusively in Riyadh, Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski will lie gracefully on 23 floors of the glorious Burj Rafalcommunity. Guests can choose from more than 350 luxury grandly guest rooms, suites and serviced apartments,within an inspired, tasteful and stylish modern Najdi architecture, designed by WAI (one of the internationally-reputable interior design firms) complimenting the life around when many are visiting and for a short-stay. Allrooms and suits offer stunning views of Riyadh throughout, making them the ideal places to enjoy the dramaticsunset or the sparkling stars and lights of Riyadh. Discover the meaning of true prosperity and refined service atits highest levels.. 9. Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski grand ballroom, meeting rooms & business centers .. celebrating lifeA grand and extravagant ballroom that fits-up-to 2000 guests at the podium (level 3) to celebrate life, along with24 meeting rooms; a motivating pulse like nowhere else; whether its a celebration or a function or a conferenceor an exhibition, Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski will definitely be the address. The amenities of the hotel andcommon areas featuring state-of-the-art business centre and conference facilities that offers the most advancedtechnology for discerning business professionals who require only the best for their meetings. 10. Fine dining experiences and informal caf culture .. joy of lifeThe Burj Rafal Community will be complemented with restaurants and cafes and recreational facilities. Awealth of choice is extended to the residents on their door-step and encompassing fine dining experiences toinformal caf culture. Culinary delights and the finest beverages will await guests, complemented withimmaculate service and breathtaking dcor. 11. Resense Swiss spa .. enjoying lifeIndulge in the serenity of luxurious spa & wellness center managed by Swiss Resense Spa. Its the renaissanceof the classical European spa revival. A fusion of modern and traditional design, art, therapies and bathing; agenuine oasis of tranquility, where stress melts away to make room for newfound energy. Its inspired by theEuropean tradition for natural cures and therapies, Resense shifts the spa experience from pampering tohealing. From the sensual pleasure of body treatments to the invigorating caress of water to the nutritionalgoodness of natural food and drinks, every element is designed to promote wellness. 12. Selected boutique-style boulevard.. luxury of lifeOn levels 1&2 of the podium, theres an exquisite boulevard of selected boutique-style high-end retail brandsat Burj Rafal, showcasing the and most ambitious and very stylish caf and restaurant (separate from the hotel).All is part of the community destination elements, and can be accessed from the hotel, residential entrancelobbies. The overall development will provide a dedicated entry and car park spaces. 13. The general layouts of the apartmentswere designed by the character andits essence of the Kempinski suites, tomatch your elegant lifestyle.The design balances comfort with luxe.After all, simplicity is the glory ofexpression. The ideal space mustcontain elements of charm,serenity, sorcery and mystery.The unique luxurious vertical residential apartments in a compound-style living .. an inspirationThe scale, the attention to detail: the mind races to comprehend the floor of input from all 5 senses. Pinchyourself if you need to, comprehend where you are, take your time, this is more than accommodation, thisis SUITE LIVING; and once youre inside its cool walls, the affect is even more dazzling - dare we sayhumbling. What you considered the lap of luxury suddenly feels like a bony knee in comparison. One thingfor certain, this place is more than exclusive apartments; take a deep breath and enjoy the view of Riyadhelegantly. 14. Unique elegant apartments community in a compound-style living .. living lifeThe one and only elegant luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living aredream come true, an exclusive haven with tranquility in spirit and harmony in design with contemporary livingin mind and a variety number of bedrooms. Effective use of available space and generous light from floor-to-ceiling windows creates a sense of space and calm. To enrich such a lifestyle, Burj Rafal hotel Kempinski willextend exclusively a delivery service, i.e. dry-cleaning, catering, room service 24/7. Spoil yourself with a touchof refined luxury. 15. NorthWest East SouthThe luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living ..The floor plan 16. The luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living ..Inspiration and elegance of life 1-bedroom apartment - LUMIERE - 76sqm & 80sqm - L27-62 17. The luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living ..Inspiration and elegance of life1-bedroom apartment - MIRABELLE - 86sqm & 88sqm L27-62 18. The luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living ..Inspiration and elegance of life 2-bedroom apartment - MERVEILLE - 141sqm L27-62 19. The luxurious apartments in a vertical community with a compound-style living ..Inspiration and elegance of life 3-bedroom apartment - CHATEAU - 310sqm L64 & 63 20. EVELINE - the private club, gym & recreation area .. living lifeThe highest point - L65 - of Burj Rafal will host the EVELINE - a private and exclusive club, only accessible by theresidence, and consists of swimming pool, private gym, lounge area. It is a true sophistication with vistas swimmingaround. The glass-lined tower top covers the scenic views for kilometers across the glorious Riyadh, drinking andeating in the twinkling lights as the sun sets across. Burj Rafal community offers you and your family a magnificentlifestyle. 21. Fully integrated - environmentally friendly - systems .. high-tech lifestyleState-of-the-art technology that enriches your lifestyle living at Burj Rafal. Environmentally friendly and safetyprinciples will be adhered to throughout the construction and minimal environmental impact will govern allbuilding processes and standards. The innovative use of energy efficient materials and common systems willensure that all residents and guests will benefit from these initiatives; an ideal balance of tranquility andmodern convenience. 22. An award ofAn award ofAn award ofBest real estate project in 2010 Best real-estate company for 2010 Best residential project 2010 "Arab Achievements from the ArabOn Burj Rafal communityfrom Construction Week