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  • Additionally, we live in an image-conscious society where stripping away unwanted fat is somewhat deemed a necessity. Many people generally want to be slim or lean, looking fairly like their modern day iconic figures. Names such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, all sport great physiques that others wish to have. The broad consensus is that a healthy, great-looking body exudes strength, confidence, and respect. All these traits can be greatly influenced and developed via sound nutrition and fitness. Lets delve into our expert tips and fitness routines!

    By Jonny ParrPhotography by Jessie Palanca

    Its All About What You Eat Nutrition is paramount to any success where fat loss in concerned. No matter how hard and how often you train, you cannot out-train a poor diet. To lose unwanted fat, you will have to create a calorie deficit all the while eating proteins (chicken, fish) and healthy fats (nuts, fish oils).

    I often prescribe clients to eat paleo, which consists of natural foods such as vegetables, plants, and meat. It refrains from food sources like dairy products and grains.

    More information can be found here at www.thepaleodiet.com. Admittedly, the Paleo Diet will not be for everyone, such as those with specific diet requirements, but generally eating healthy fats, proteins and vegetables will pave the way for effective fat loss.

    To summarize, eat natural foods as often as possible, all the while tailoring your choices based on your diet needs and requirements.

    Make Your Body A Furnace Revving your metabolism will be the key fitness

    Qatar is experiencing a major health epidemic. In a recent report published in the UKs Daily Mail, by scale Qatar is the fattest nation on Earth with half of all adults obese and 17% suffering from diabetes. Whats more the dilemma is getting worse with an influx of fast food chains and less people being active. Fear not, QH and Absolute Fitness are on the case. Absolute Fitness Jonny Parr shows you how to blast fat easily, at home or outdoors

    Burn Fat In 30 Minutes Or Less!



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  • aspect to losing fat. Therefore, we need to elevate your metabolic rate as often and for as long as possible. Steady static exercise such as jogging, cycling, or swimming at a steady pace for a long duration only has a minimal effect on metabolism. Short and intense bouts of exercise will elicit a higher response, where your metabolic rate will be elevated for hours, sometimes as much as 48 hours. This is known as EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption). In other words, this refers to the amount of energy and calories you burn while at rest. This is great, as you can literally watch your favourite box-set all the while torching fat!

    To summarize, long duration, boring, steady static exercise is out, and short, exciting and intense exercise is in. The below routines target the major movements and muscle groups of your body, in order to stimulate a high metabolic demand. Lets get to it.

    Workout Routines

    The Home Workout This simple yet highly effective routine can be performed in the comfort of your home and with no equipment. In order, you will perform all five exercises for the prescribed number of reps, with no rest or as little as possible. Thats one round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes.

    To make the routine easier or more difficult, you can either decrease or increase the number of reps for the exercises, or decrease or increase the total workout time (i.e. 10 or 20 minutes). Remember to record the number of rounds you complete, so you can try and beat your score the next time you perform the routine.

    1. Burpees x 5 2. Towel hamstring curls x 10 3. Push-ups x 10 4. Bodyweight squats x 15 5. Sit-ups x 20

    The Outdoor/Park Workout This can be performed at most parks such as Aspire or even on the Corniche. Youll need two pieces of equipment a TRX (www.trxtraining.com) and a battle rope. You can buy a TRX at GoSport and a battle rope online at www.Amazon.com. Its also possible to buy your own rope here in Qatar -- just make sure its polypropylene.

    Youll perform each exercise with good form, for as many reps as possible in 30 seconds before immediately moving to the next. Once you have completed all exercises, thats one round. You will then rest for 60 seconds before performing the same routine again. Complete for a total of 5 rounds.

    Personal trainer Coral uses a rope in a partner exercise that targets the upper arms

    To make the routine easier or more difficult, you can either decrease or increase the amount of time for each exercise (i.e. 20 or 45 seconds) or decrease or increase the total number of rounds (i.e. 3 or 8 rounds). You could also change your rest period to be longer or shorter.

    1. Battle rope up-down waves x 30 secs 2. TRX squats x 30 secs 3. TRX push-ups x 30 secs 4. TRX curls x 30 secs 5. Battle rope side-to-side waves x 30 secs

    If you have any questions or comments about the routines or exercises, be sure to let us know by liking and commenting

    Jonny Parr is the founder of Absolute Fitness in Qatar (www.absolutefitnessqatar.com). If youre interested in individual or group personal training, please phone 3385-2696 or email info@absolutefitness.me.

    on our community Facebook page, www.facebook.com/absolutefitnessqatar. All thats left to say is work hard, enjoy, and reap the benefits of burning that stubborn fat! n



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