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North Western – Neagh Bann CFRAM Study (C atchment F lood R isk A ssessment & M anagement) 1 st Stakeholders Group Workshop Agenda & Stakeholder s Group terms of reference 8 November 2012. Burns Beach near Brighton, Western Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Burns Beach near Brighton, Western AustraliaRPS has won a series of awards from the Urban Development Institute of Australia - including the Water Sensitive Urban Development Category for the Brighton Estate near Perth.North Western Neagh Bann CFRAM Study

    (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management)

    1st Stakeholders Group Workshop

    Agenda & Stakeholders Group terms of reference

    8 November 2012

  • Meeting Format1. Adoption of Agenda

    2. Stakeholders Group Terms of Reference

    3. Implementing Flood Policy

    4. Overview of North Western Neagh Bann CFRAM Study

    5. SEA and AA

    6. Workshop Topics:Expectations and concerns;Group membership;Available datasets;Relevant issues; national, regional, local.

  • IntroductionsThe OPW is the lead agency for flood risk management in Ireland

    RPS has been appointed to support the development of the NWNB CFRAM Study

    The Assessment and Management of Flood Risks Regs (SI 122 of 2010) aim to reduce and manage the risks that floods pose to:human health the environment cultural heritageeconomic activity

  • NWNB CFRAM Study Project Team*

  • Project Background & ObjectivesFlooding is a natural and inevitable part of life in Ireland

    Floods pose a risk to human life and wellbeing, cause extensive damage to property, and can often have severe environmental consequences

    Flooding may become more frequent and severe due to climate change

    Historically, structural or engineered flood protection measures were used, new policy requires more sustainable management with increased use of non-structural and flood impact mitigation measures on a catchment basis

  • Project Background & ObjectivesA preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA) identified areas where further assessment is required

    Food risk and hazard maps will be drawn up for these areas by 2013 and flood risk management plans by 2015

    The plans will represent an environmentally, socially and economically appropriate long-term strategy to manage flood risk and help ensure the safety and sustainability of communities. However, it may not be possible to find flood management measures that are technically feasible, cost effective and environmentally sustainable in all areas susceptible to flooding

  • Roadmap

    March 2012 December 2015 *

  • Project Background & Objectives

    It is very important that stakeholders and interested parties access the CFRAM information and have their say in the development of plans

    The study team can be contacted at all times by post, email, phone and via the national and NWNB CFRAM Study websites. Study team members will also be on-hand at promotional events

  • Stakeholder Workshop Key ObjectivesOutwardto identify contacts within each organisation;to raise awareness of the study;to provide basic information on planning, SEA and AA for the study;to explain expectations about the studys outcomes;to emphasize the importance of, and actively promote, stakeholder engagement;to set out the mechanisms by which the study team can be contacted;to inform stakeholders of the opportunities to feed into the study.

    Inwardto elicit views and information on relevant issues relating to flood risk and environmental assets which might be affected by the outcomes of the project.

  • Stakeholders Group Terms of Reference Status: established under SI No. 122 of 2010

    Members include: representatives of environmental authorities, regional and local authorities, relevant statutory, non-statutory and local organisations.

    Objectives: support the consultation and engagement activities of the study;promote regular communication and understanding between members;provide a forum to voice opinions, and provide input and local knowledge.

    The outputs and reports of group discussions, decisions or activities will be disseminated/published by the study.

  • Stakeholders Group Terms of Reference Attend a number (circa 5) of 1-day workshops at key study phases to provide views and feedback on the study, flood risk management and related environmental issues. (SEA Scoping; Draft Flood Mapping; FRM Objectives; Preliminary Option Report and Draft FRMP)

    Be presented with regular updates (by newsletters circa every 4 months and 1-day workshops at key project phases)

    Ensure communication of information, data, views and opinions from the Groups members to the study and other teams working on related Floods Directive matters

    Disseminate as appropriate information and outputs from the Study to the members organisation, and, as necessary, coordinate reviews of same within their organisation

  • Contact DetailsThe study team can be contacted at all times by post, email, phone and via the national and NWNB CFRAM Study websites. Study team members and will also be on-hand at promotional events.

    By postKatie SmartNWNB CFRAM Study Communications CoordinatorRPSWest Pier Business CampusDun LaoghaireCo. Dublin

    By emailnwnb@cfram.comBy phone01 4882940

  • Website www.northwestcframstudy.ie & www.neaghbanncframstudy.ie *


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