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  • Ways To Reduce Your Carbon FootprintBy Justin Margas

  • Household AppliancesMove your thermostat down 1 degree in the winter and up 1 degree in the summer.Use less hot waterReplace all your old fashioned light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs.Unplug appliances from the wall when they are not in use.Dry your clothes outside on a clothesline rather then using your dryer.

  • AutomobilesBuy a more fuel efficient car such as a hybrid.Reduce the amount you drive by walking or riding bicycles to nearby places.Start a car pool with your friends and coworkers.Keep your car well maintained and tuned up.Change the oil in your car every few thousand miles.

  • Food Consumption.Eat less meat products.Buy fresh food instead of frozen food.Buy food in bulk amounts to save trips to the market.Buy local products.Eat organic food.

  • Easy ways to reduce carbon emissions.Plant a tree. ( Trees put tons of oxygen into the air every year)Recycle all your plastic products when you are done with them.Ditch drinking bottled water and drink the water you get at home.Wash your clothes with cold water.Try to use your microwave rather then your stove or oven.Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth.Clean or replace your air filters in your furnace.

  • More easy waysInstall a wood stove in your home so you dont have to use as much oil to heat your house.Dont take very long showers. Heating up water uses a lot of energy.Turn off the lights in your house when you are not using them.Use clothes napkins that u can reuse instead of using paper napkins.If you have a dish washer use that instead of washing dishes with your hands. Saves hot water.