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By Yuval Kohn. Table of contents. About me. 1.I’m Jewish. 2.I was born in Afula. 3.I go to my family in the summer. 4.I was born in May 11 2000. 5.I speak Hebrew. 6.I left Israel when I was 2. 7.I go to the pool a lot in Israel. 8.I am a really nice girl. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Yuval Kohn

  • Table of contents

  • About me1.Im Jewish.2.I was born in Afula.3.I go to my family in the summer. 4.I was born in May 11 2000. 5.I speak Hebrew.6.I left Israel when I was 2.7.I go to the pool a lot in Israel.8.I am a really nice girl.9.I live with my Mom, Dad, and Brother.

  • RAINRain is water that comes out of cloud.Rain first came from lakes, rivers.7 and 18 miles per hour. Weather wiz kids.They make floods.

  • LIGHTNING You can see lightning.Lightning makes fire. Bits of ice come together in the air. Weather wiz kids. They make an electrical charge. Weather wiz kids.They can kill people.

  • Severe weather How many are there?Theres different kinds of storms.How dangerous can they be?They can be really dangerous.What can do?Some people can die.Some can destroy homes. They can hurt people.

  • Tornados Were does it happen?It happens on land.Does it happen every were?Doesn't happen everywhereThe speed is 300 miles per hour.They often grow 40,ooo feet.

  • EarthquakesEarthquakes were in Haiti. Usually last less than 1 minute. The disaster area.They don't happen everywhere. Broken rocks sliding making on the earth. Weather wiz kids.