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Castro Café landscape Landscape architecture

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  • 1. Castro Caf landscape Landscape architecture
  • 2. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Site plan 3. Landscaping features 4. Hard landscaping 5. Soft landscaping 6. Materials 7. Plans & sections 8. Sketches 9. Analysis
  • 3. What is landscaping? Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land including: Living elements Flora or fauna Natural elements such as landforms, terrain shape and elevation or bodies of water Human elements such as structures, buildings, fences or other material objects created and/or installed by humans. Abstract elements such as the weather and lightning condition.
  • 4. Location Youth caf is located in Jamia campus near M.F Hussain art gallery. Approach By main gate of Engg faculty & Ansari auditorium Nearby Buildings Ansari Auditorium FTK IT centers Nehru Guest House
  • 5. SITE PLAN
  • 6. Site views
  • 7. Features Its a designed landscape. Hard landscaping & Soft landscaping has been done in levels that gives an acquisite feel. Trees provide shadow to the lawn. Concrete caste benches are placed under the tress where people can sit and relax Cold breeze channelized into the court creating a cool micro climate The main block of youth caf is accessed by a ramp and stairs with minimal riser which makes the climb comfortable & enjoyable.
  • 8. 1.Soft landscaping Trees Shrubs 2.Hard landscaping Benches Lamp posts Pavers Sculptures LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS
  • 10. Sculptures Dust bin Benches Up lighting is used to illuminate pedestrian walkways & entry areas. Spot lighting is used near sculptures to enhance them
  • 11. MATERIALS BENCHES- Pre cast concrete with terrazzo SCULPTURE PODIUM- Bricks & stone RAMPS & STAIRS- Kota Stone Benefits Tough Non-Slip Non-water absorbent Easily available Affordable prices
  • 12. EDGING & PATHWAYS PAVING-Red sandstone (locally available) It is Used to form a smooth surface & for ease of circulation. Minimum maintenance required because of its durability. Concrete curb stones Hedges are planted to form a barrier or to mark the boundary of an area
  • 13. SOFT LANDSCAPING TREES SHRUBS HERBS Microclimate modifiers Erosion Control Prevents siltation Retains ground water Retains Soil fertility Welcoming look and aesthetic appeal to the building. Define boundaries
  • 14. Ornamental Plants & Shading Trees Forbia Ficus Panda Round thick leaves Bougainbillea 1-12m in height Scrambled over other plants with their spiky thrones Evergreen (annual rainfall) Deciduous (dry season)
  • 15. White Frangipani Doesnt attract insects & is Fragrant Used by famous architects in their projects Charles Correa, Raj Rewal, etc. NEEM TREE Bans Flora of MadhyaPradesh Cassia
  • 16. SKETCHES *computerised sketch
  • 17. *sketch from Iind yr portfolio
  • 18. Section AA Youth cafe Raised platform (900mm) Art gallery
  • 19. SECTION
  • 20. ANALYSIS 1.Tucked in the corner of the campus one finds the vast green open space with peace and serenity . 2.The functions present in the site complements the overall landscape . 3.Landscape provides free open space for all the three buildings which form a gathering area which facilitates informal interaction. 5.Irrigation facilities are provided. 6.Different plants are planted in different zones and thus break the monotony. 7. The ramps and staircase of the youth caf are very comfortable. 8.Bamboo and other tall trees grown at the back side to create a visual barrier.
  • 21. 1.Number of trees and outdoor seating is insufficient. 2.Less number of shade providing trees with large foliage. 3.No water feature present. 4.The sunken court of the youth caf is forming a negative space as its not getting utilized and is redundant. 5.Only two types of flowering plants are there. 6.Paths were not well lit. 7. The slabs on which the sculptures are placed could have been used for seating. 8.Weeds growing around the petunias are not removed and therefore they compete with the petunias for nutrients and hamper the plant's growth.
  • 22. Thank you