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  1. 1. Hospitality has attained position of a preferred profession all over the world. An amazing experience of working as a Manager in a cafe or restaurant provides you a work visa to various destinations where the tertiary industry is outperforming others. Australia is one such example and is considered a magnificent place for the hospitality sector which contributes highly in the economy. The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is also meditative of a great demand of trained manpower on this sector.
  2. 2. The current promotion of Australia as a diverse, resourceful and a picturesque beauty has further increased the tourists to visit this country. This has compelled a fine supply of hospitality managers to heed of the requirements and needs of the foreigners that visit. Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) substantiates this demand by recording 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager on the SOL. The profession has been distinct as somebody who handles or coordinates the complete range of activities at a Cafe or a Restaurant that describe hospitality.
  3. 3. The amenities are require to equalize the international standard on man management, guest management, resource share, food facilities and everything that comes under hospitality sector. To look after such important activities the famous Cafes and Restaurants requires good supply of amazing managers.
  4. 4. JOB Description Manages and organizes the day to day activities of a restaurant, cafe or associated organization to offer catering and dining facilities. Quick Service Restaurant Managers (NZ)/ Fast Food Managers (Aus) are not included in this occupation. Quick Service Restaurant Managers (NZ) and Fast Food Managers (Aus) are integrated in Profession 142111 Retail Manager (General) Skill Level 2
  5. 5. Specialisations Internet Cafe Manager Canteen Manager Bistro Manager Caterer
  6. 6. Tasks Making sure dining amenities abide by with health system and are hygienic, functional and of appropriate appearance planning menus after discussing with Chefs Bestowing customers to assess their contentment with feast and facilities. Planning and managing special operations Managing the purchasing cost and price of good as per budget Maintain accounts of stock levels and fiscal transactions
  7. 7. All the capable migrants can apply for the job under three different visa kinds that is Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187). Temporary (long term), Business Sponsorship (subclass 457) and Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Skillselect goes on to provide a prioritised processing to all the requests under the Regional Sponsorship/ State Nomination. If possible, the candidates should take path of sponsorship to make sure that they receive visa sooner than later.
  8. 8. Skill Level The 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager (excl fast food) Immigration Services To Australian Capital Territory (ACT). However, before that Skillselect marks the entrance of every job on 141111 Restaurant and Cafe.
  9. 9. The candidates are asked to first show Expression of Interest as aim to join an Australian manager under the precise occupation. Then, describe your experience and education and capabilities. The profile of candidates will be checked by legal authorities and on basis of that decision of issuing a visa will depend.


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