cake price list - harvest cafe & cake price list our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch,...

Cake Price List - Harvest Cafe & Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special
Cake Price List - Harvest Cafe & Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special
Cake Price List - Harvest Cafe & Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special
Cake Price List - Harvest Cafe & Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special
Download Cake Price List - Harvest Cafe & Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special

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  • Cake Price List Our cakes are all baked fresh, from scratch, special order

    only. Scratch cakes have more of a pound cake consistency, if you would like another type: sponge, chiffon, genoise,

    please specify when ordering. We request that you order your cakes as much in advance as possible, but generally we

    can accommodate orders 48 hours in advance. We use American butter cream or whipped Italian butter

    cream for most of our frostings. The cakes should be served at room temperature; we

    refrigerate them for transportation only.

    All Cakes are decorated with simple elegant borders. If you would like specific frosting colors, frosting flowers or a message written on the cake please inform our baker!

    Prices are for round cakes, we also carry square and heart shaped, please inquire.

    Cake Flavors: Yellow, white, chocolate, lemon or marble.

    Frosting Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry or Peanut Butter

    Fillings: $8.00 extra per 6-9”, $15.00 extra for larger cakes: raspberry jam, lemon curd, whipped chocolate ganache, custard, mousse, strawberry jam, or fresh fruit filling.

    Size Serving s

    6” 6-8 $15.99

    8” 10-14 $19.99

    9” 14-20 $24.99

    10” 18-22 $29.99

    12” 25-32 $36.99

    14” Up to 45 $59.99

    16” Up to 65 $69.99


    ¼ sheet, 2 layers 20 $32.50

    ½ sheet, 2 layers 45-50 $68.99

    Artwork/Characters: extra, quoted on individual basis depending on complexity Fresh Flower Decorations: Starting at $15.00 on up

    Cupcakes: range from $1.75 and up, please see our separate cupcake flavor listing Mini Cupcakes: starting at $9.50 per dozen




  • Harvest Café and Bakery Cupcake List Choose f lavors from below/1 doz. Minimum order of each type

    Prices are per single cupcake

    *Chocolate raspberry topped with chocolate curls and a fresh raspberry $2.25 *Chocolate espresso $1.95 *Chocolate peanut butter cup $1.95 *Cookies and Crème $1.95 *Caramel chocolate pretzel: chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate covered pretzels and caramel sauce $2.25 *S’more: chocolate cupcake, marshmallow crème decorated with graham crumbs, marshmallow and chocolate $2.25 *Chocolate cherry sundae cupcakes $2.25 *Mint chocolate cupcakes: topped with ande’s mint $1.95 *Chocolate squiggle: chocolate cake filled with vanilla creme topped with chocolate ganache $1.95 *M&M explosion cupcake $1.95 *Chocolate snowball (coconut) $1.95

    *Cookie dough: yellow cake baked with cookie dough center topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookie $1.95 *Black bottom cupcakes with fudge frosting (chocolate cake filled with a chocolate chip cheesecake) $2.25

    *Lemon raspberry cupcakes: topped with fresh raspberry and white curls $2.25 *Lemon coconut cupcakes $1.95 *Strawberry & Crème Cupcakes $2.25 *Peach melba: with raspberry buttercream, raspberry sauce $2.25 *Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream $1.75 *Simsbury Cupcake: Lemon yellow cupcake topped with blueberry buttercreme and fresh blueberries $2.25

    *Red velvet with cream cheese frosting and pecans $2.25 *Pumpkin with maple buttecreme $2.25 *Applesauce with cinnamon buttercream $1.95 *Hummingbird: banana pineapple cake topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans $2.25 *Gingerbread with spice or orange buttercreme $1.95 *Banana foster cupcakes: banana cake, rum buttercream and caramel $2.25 *Apple crisp cupcakes: applesauce cupcake, cinnamon buttercream, apple filling, and granola $2.25 *Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts $1.95 *Peanut butter and raspberry jelly cupcakes $1.95 *Harvest Cupcake: pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon buttercream, garnished with dried cranberries and pecans $2.25 *Marble, yellow, white or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate frosting $1.75

    Most cupcake flavors available in jumbo $2.75-up 6 minimum order… or mini sizes $9.50dz and up 1 doz minimum order per flavor Special decorations available may increase pricing. At least 48 hours advance notice required for special orders, holidays and certain weekends, graduations, etc are very busy so order ahead for best availability.

    HARVEST CAFÉ AND BAKERY 1390 Hopmeadow St. Simsbury, CT 06070 860-658-5000


    We need at least 24 hours to provide most of the desserts listed. At holiday times we may need to limit availability due to demands of the season! Please call ahead to get the best selection. All of our baked goods are made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. If you don’t see your favorite dessert, just ask, our staff would be happy to make it! 658- 5000, or Our baby cakes and individual tartes are a minimum order of 4 of the same item. 8” serves 8-10 10” serves 12- 16 9” (tarte) serves 8-10

    Chocolate Lover’s Selection: Tuxedo Cake: My personal favorite. Three chocolate cake layers, filled and frosted with whipped heavy cream, with a poured over ganache on top. Heavenly. 8” $23.99, 10” $33.99**add fresh strawberries 8” $29.99 10” $39.99

    Chocolate Caramel Puddle Tarte: A rich brownie tart with caramel “puddles”, chocolate ganache and white chocolate curls 9” $23.99, individual $4.99

    Chocolate Mousse Cake: Three layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, frosted with chocolate buttercream. 8” $26.99 10” $36.99

    Flourless Chocolate Torte: A thick dense chocolate & ground almond cake. Topped with a puddle of ganache. Great warm with ice cream 8” $24.99, 10” $35.99, baby $4.50

    Nana’s Chocolate Sponge Roll: My mom always made this for us as kids. It is my comfort food! Chocolate sponge cake rolled up with fresh whipped heavy cream and strawberries. Frosted with more whipped cream. Serves 10-12


    Chocolate Bombes: A rich chocolate cake base molded with chocolate mousse (or choose chocolate raspberry mousse, chocolate Kalhua mousse) covered in chocolate ganache. Individual size $3.95

    “Thin Mint” Torte: The flavor of a favorite Girl Scout Cookie made even better: Two layers of brownie filled with a creamy mint buttercream, with a poured over ganache frosting. 8” $21.99, 10” $27.99

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte: Two layers of chocolate cake filled with peanut butter buttercream, covered in chocolate peanut butter truffle ganache. Decorated with peanut butter cups 8”$21.99, 10” $27.99, baby $4.50

    Chocolate Coconut Cake: Triple layer chocolate cake, filled with coconut buttercream, frosted with old fashioned fluffy meringue frosting and covered with shredded coconut. 8” $23.99, 10” $33.99, baby $4.50

    German Chocolate Cake: Triple layer chocolate cake filled and topped with a caramel pecan and coconut filling 8” $25.99, 10” $33.9, baby $4.95

    Cookie’s & Crème Cake: Triple layer chocolate cake filled with crushed oreo whipped heavy cream, frosted with chocolate buttercream. 8” $23.95, 10” $33.99, baby $4.95

    Cheesecakes: *New York Style 8” $19.99 10”:$25.00 *Vanilla Bean: with chocolate ganache topping:

    8”22.99, 10” $29.99 *Citrus Cheesecake/Almond-Graham Crust

    8”$24.99,10”:$34.99 *Marble Swirl Cheesecake/ Chocolate Crust

    8”$24.99,10” $33.99 *Pumpkin Cheesecake/Gingersnap Crust:

    8” $25.99,10”$34.99 *Brownie Walnut Chunk Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust 8” $28.99,10” 36.99

  • Something Fruity: Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Berry Tarte: A buttery pastry crust filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh glazed fruit and berries 9” $19.99, indiv. $4.99 mini’s $15.99 dz.

    Mile High Chocolate Strawberry Bundt Cake: A rich chocolate bundt cake, split into layers and filled with strawberries and whipped heavy cream. Drizzled with chocolate glazed and decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries small: $16.99 large bundt: $27.99 baby cake: $4.95

    Raspberry Linzer Tarte: A buttery ground almond cookie dough filled with raspberry jam and topped with cookie dough lattice. 9” $13.99 11” $16.99 individual: $3.99

    Lemon Mousse Cake: Three layers of lemon cake filled with lemon mascarpone mousse, frosted with vanilla butter crème. Decorated with candied lemon slices. 8” $24.99, 10” $34.99 Lemon Snowball: Luscious coconut cake layered with lemon curd, decorated with a fluffy meringue frosting and loads of coconut. 8” $24.99, 10” $34.99

    Italian Specialties: Tiramisu Torte: Three layers of vanilla sponge cake layers filled with rich mascarpone crème, espresso drizzle, whipped heavy cream and chopped chocolate. 8” $25.99, 10” $36.99

    Fruit and Whipped Cream Cake: Vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberries and peaches, Or choose mixed berries, layered and frosted with whipped heavy cream. 8” $26.99, 10” $39.99

    Rum Cake: Your choice of yellow or choc

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