cake raffaello recipe

Cake Raffaello Recipe
Cake Raffaello Recipe
Cake Raffaello Recipe
Cake Raffaello Recipe
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Recipe from a russian site


CakeIngredients:Flour 100 gr. Potato starch 100 gr. Eggs 3 pieces Sugar 150 gr. Water 4 table spoons Baking powder 3 tea spoons Condensed milk (sucr) 380 gr. Mascarpone cheese 500gr. Amonds 100-150 gr. Coconut flakes 70 gr.


1. First of all, were going to bake the shortcakes. Break the eggs into a bowl, pour in the water, and stir for a minute. (In this image one egg had 2 yolk, but normally use 3 eggs)

2. Gradually add sugar, and stir for about 2 minutes.

3. Add flour, starch, baking powder, 30 grams of coconut flakes, and stir with a mixer at low speed for about half a minute.

4. Cover the baking form (26 cm diameter) with bakery paper

5. Pour out the dough. Its normal if its not perfectly homogeneous (because of the coconut flakes). Spread the dough uniformly with a spoon, so that the baked shortcake had the same height everywhere. Put the form in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes, at 180C.

6. Meanwhile the shortcake is baking, we need to prepare the almonds. Toast the slivered almonds in a dry frying pan on medium heat (or in microwave oven on maximum heat for 2 minutes, mix them, then 1 minute more), until they will have a pale golden nuance.

7. When our shortcake is ready (it should have a light-brown color) we need to cool it and then cut it into 2 pieces across.

8. We need to prepare the cream (filling). We stir the mascarpone cheese with mixer at medium speed, and then gradually increase at maximum. Add the condensed milk or if you prefer sweeter the whole can. The cream should have this consistence:

9. In our baking form we put one shortcake, smear half of our cream on it and sprinkle the almonds (all). Put over the second part of shortcake, smear with the rest of the cream and sprinkle with coconut flakes.

10. Cover the cake and put it in the fridge overnight to soak

Bon apptit!