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Crossroads, Calvary Lutheran Church's monthly newsletter



    Will You Betray Me? Wednesday evenings at 7 pm

    Inside this issue: March Mission of the Month Pastoral Search Team Update Youth & Family News The Shepherds Notebook Pictures from Youth Sunday Lent & Holy Week Schedule Youth in Action Pictures

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    OUR MISSION & VISION: To boldly proclaim the life-changing love of Jesus Christ through joyful wor-ship, faithful service, and continuous learning.


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    February Calendar 7

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    Sat 3 Name Tag Weekend; Worship; welcome Dr. Charlie Krueger from New Life Lutheran Church

    Sun 4 Name Tag Weekend; Worship; welcome Dr. Charlie Krueger from New Life Lutheran Church; Welcome to Calvary class

    Wed 7 Lenten Supper (Deacons) & Wor-ship

    Thu 8 MOMs Group Fri 9 PJs & Prayers

    Sun 11 Daylight Savings Begins; Wor-ship; Welcome to Calvary class

    Mon 12 Serenity Inn Meal Program Tue 13 Deacon Meeting Wed 14 Council Reports Due; Lenten

    Supper & Worship Thu 15 Mens Support Group

    Sun 18 FOOD SUNDAY; Welcome to Cal-vary class; BRIDGE; CONNECT; REVOLVE

    Tue 20 Crossroads Deadline; Congrega-tion Council

    Wed 21 Lenten Supper & Worship Thu 22 Mens Ministry Gathering Sat 24 Spring Fling Dinner

    Sun 26 Worship; Christian Education; Lent Event

    Mon 27 SVdP Meal Program Wed 28 Lenten Supper & Worship Thu 29 Crossroads Assembly

    March Calendar Highlights Check the church calendar for complete listings.

    Prayers Please check the weekly announcement bulletin for those people needing our urgent prayers. If you have any prayer requests, please call or email the church office. Please also continue to pray for the following Calvary family and friends: Shut-Ins: Betty Schraith, Lorraine Zembinski. Ongoing care and prayer concerns : Elaine Shaw, Paul & Marj Skarie, Lorene & Greg Fleckenstein, Pat Kurtz, Shirley Derse, Mary Ellen Puls (sister of Craig Busche); Dyana Solheim (former member of Calvary & friend of Donna Mueller), Fern MacGillis (mother-in-law of Jim Harrison), Wayne Higgin, son-in-law of Ruth Yankus; Carol Manning (cousin of Pat Treutelaar), Mickey Rash, Bill Rash Jr. (son of Mickey Rash); Patty Gross (daughter of Beverly Meinke); Chris Clemens (father of Jessie Brovold); Jann Savre (mother-in-law of Matthew Busche); James Anthony (cousin of Judy Kestly); Karen Reiter (niece of Hugh & Jane Taufner).

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    The Shepherds Notebook Lent: A Time To Retreat, Remember, Reconsider, Re-engage

    ent... the season of repentance and preparation for Holy Week,

    and Easter its here again. Al-ready. It seems as though weve barely packed away the decorations of Christmas. And now, we look again to Jesus: No longer a tiny infant to hold in our hands. Now we begin to see Him for who He truly is: the One who holds our lives in His hands.

    Lent could be thought of as the Pause the Pause that re-minds us who we are and why we need Jesus Christ, our Sav-ior.

    Think of Lent as a 40-day pause, like pulling into a rest area on a long journey. During Lent, we retreat, pulling away from the task, getting off the road or path that has occupied us. We pause and check our direction and progress. We re-member, and maybe, even reconsider, our destination and our ways and means of getting there. We might even ask, Do we really want to go there? Then, after a suitable time, we re-engage. We get back to the task, on the road or the path, and move on.

    Here and now, in Lent 2012, the Lord is pulling me over to the side of this annual journey, this retracing of Jesus journey to Jerusalem and the Cross. Its time to Retreat. Remember. Reconsider, Re-engage. As I do so, a certain portion of the Bible the tenth chapter of Lukes Gospel keeps coming to mind. From that portion:

    Jesus said: The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Ask the Lord of the har-vest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field. Go! I am sending you out (Luke 10:2-3a)

    In this text, it was still early in Jesus ministry, certainly early in the history of His church. Not too early, though, for Jesus to have his followers pause for a moment, take stock of the situation, and get on with His mission in a bold, clear way. Retreat, remember, reconsider, re-engage.

    Our year is moving rapidly from one busy season to another. Competition for our time, talent and treasures doesnt seem to cease. All of this will be over before we know it. Meanwhile, in Christs Church, in the Year of our Lord 2012, were mov-ing, perhaps more quickly than we realize, through an interim ministry year. It hardly seems like Ive been with you for seven months now. This Lent and this interim will be over before we know it. And, yes, we all have been busy.

    During this season of Lent, Im not suggesting that everyone get busier at church. Indeed, some are so dedicated to churchly roles and responsibilities that I fear they will be burned out. Along with them, I wonder: Who among us will step forward to be their replacements and to take on that which goes undone?

    Im not even suggest-ing any major changes in what were doing at this moment in Cal-varys history. Instead, Im suggesting a deep, lasting change in our way of being, abiding in Christ in whatever we are doing.

    How about it? What if Gods people of Calvary would take this Lenten season individually, as families, and as holy community -- to Retreat, Remember, Reconsider and Re-engage the mission and ministry that our Lord has called us into.

    How ready are we to abide with Jesus in the harvest-field of souls who long for the peace, wholeness and eternal security that comes through repentance, forgive-ness and renewal in Christ?

    How willing are we to offer spiritual comfort in Jesus name, along with our gifts of material and financial as-sistance?

    How able are we to tell the old, old story as Scripture tells it, along with our own faith stories, in ways that are as natural as telling about our experiences with families and friends? How are we welcoming the stranger into Gods house and family?

    Lent. Time to Retreat, Remember, Re-consider and Re-engage. How about it, Calvary?

    In Christ and His service,

    Pastor Cathi Braasch, STS

    PS Next month, watch for notes from my journey to Guate-mala with the Partners in Medical Missions.

    When will we take time to retreat, reconsider and re-engage the harvest that our Lord Jesus

    Christ sends us into?

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    Its About Our Family Sympathy Christian sympathies go out to Jon Vollmar and family on the death of Jons dad, David Vollmar, in January.

    Please inform the church office of any illnesses, births or deaths, or of any change of address, phone or email address.

    Lenten Worship Wednesdays throughout March Simple supper at 6 pm Lenten Worship at 7 pm Worship will include the dramatic series entitled Will

    You Betray Me?

    Holy Week 4/1: Palm Sunday (with First Communion) at 9am 4/4: Wednesday Tenebrae with St. John Vianney at 7 pm 4/5: Maundy Thursday Worship at 7 pm 4/6: Good Friday Worship at 10 am ( Family Worship)

    and 7 pm 4/7: Easter Vigil (New Members Received & Service of

    Affirmation of Baptism) at 5 pm 4/8: Easter Sunday Worship at 9 am

    Calvarys pastoral search team has now completed the first phase of the search process which included Bible study, sur-veying the congregation for input, completing the NALCs congregational profile, and developing interview questions and evaluation tools for interviews, sermons, etc.

    We are now entering the exciting second phase of the process when we receive names of candidates from the NALC and prayerfully consider their fit with our congregation. Pastor David Wendell, Ministry Coordinator for the NALC, has re-

    cently submitted names of two candidates. The search com-mittee has reviewed the profiles completed by these pastors. After praying for Gods wisdom and guidance and studying the profiles, the team concluded that neither of these candi-dates is a fit for Calvarys needs.

    We are looking forward to receiving the next set of candi-dates names and will keep the congregation posted as we consider them.

    Pastoral Search Team Update by Grace Gunnlaugsson

    Will You Betray Me? (Luke 22:48) This was Jesus question to Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night he was arrested. In our lives of faith as Jesus disciples, it is a question that could be asked of each of us as well. This five-part drama series focuses on betrayal as a central theme. Written in a direct and edgy style, the monologues feature biblical characters that (knowingly or unknowingly) contributed to the betrayal and death of Jesus.

    Lenten Dramatic Series 5-week series continues through March

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    Bridge Roller Skating February 4th

    Painting the Youth Room

    Youth Winter Retreat January20-22

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    Bridge (3rd 5th grade): From 11:30am to 1:30 pm at church. (that is right after the Sunday school hour ends). As this time is over the lunch hour, you are encouraged to bring $2.00 for a pizza lunch, or feel free to brown bag i