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Lucid Dreaming and Conscious Dreaming are one in the same. It is the awareness that you are in fact dreaming. In other words you are aware that what you are experiencing is occurring in a dream, while you are having the dream. Lucid dreaming allows you a particular amount of control that you do not have while dreaming normally.This is a true metaphysical power, this power over your own dreams' actions and events. Instead of things being done to you, you are the star, and the writer, of the story, and you can use this power to help bring about great changes in your own waking life.


  • Can Anyone Experience Lucid Dreaming?
  • Lucid Dreaming and Conscious Dreaming areone in the same. It is the awareness that youare in fact dreaming. In other words you areaware that what you are experiencing isoccurring in a dream, while you are having thedream. Lucid dreaming allows you a particularamount of control that you do not have whiledreaming normally.
  • This is a true metaphysical power, this power overyour own dreams actions and events. Instead ofthings being done to you, you are the star, andthe writer, of the story, and you can use thispower to help bring about great changes in yourown waking life.
  • Is it really as simple and as straightforward as what it appears to be? Is it really possible for anyone to experience lucid dreaming?Luckily, its really not that hard to begin luciddreaming, as long as you are determined to learnit. There are proven ways to help you access thisability and use your untapped mental power.
  • In order to master the art of lucid dreaming, you must establish your objective clearly. For instance do you only want a private haven in the form of lucid dreaming or do you want to learn for a precise reason of developing your skills? You must have a clear objective in mind, no matter your reason for learning to lucid dream.
  • Next you have to learn the actual techniques oflucid dreaming. The first step is to learn theprocess of Dream Recall, which is exactly whatit sounds like. You need to begin practicingremembering your dreams in detail. This is astep on the road towards lucid dreaming.
  • Irrespective of what others may have told you, this process can be painfully slow. It can however be achieved if you maintain a dream recall register. Maintaining such a register will allow you to record as many details as possible with regards to your last dream. Providing you continue doing this you will with time come to realize that you are able to remember everything about a dream.
  • Also, many have discovered that hypnosis, andeven only a session or two, can drastically cutdown on their necessary prep-time for makingtheir subconscious mind ready to experiencelucid dreaming.
  • You will find at first that you sometimes willawake suddenly during lucid dreams. This isnormal. Just recall the events of your dream asyou try to fall back asleep and attempt to reenterthe dream, steering in the direction that youwant it go.
  • Another proven way to have a lucid dream, is to goback to sleep for a short while immediately afterwaking up in the mornings. In fact, these dreamsare so close to lucid dreams, that in many casesthey will leave you wondering whether or not youwere even dreaming at all. If you would like to trythis method, simply set your alarm to go off anhour or two before you would usually wakeup.When the alarm goes off, wake up and switch it offand then go to sleep again in order to enjoy a lucid dream.
  • As far as this is concerned, you may find itextremely beneficial to keep track of yoursleeping patterns in order to determine thebest time for you to have a lucid dream.
  • Insomniacs receive tremendous help from lucid dreaming. When you can let it sink into your mind that when you go to sleep and lucid dream you are reclaiming the sleep hours, the problems that are keeping you awake at night are seen as problem-solving opportunities, not blockages, by your subconscious mind, and that part of your mind then makes it so that you can fall deeply asleep and no longer suffer.
  • Fortunately for those wanting to learn the artof lucid dreaming, the process has become alot easier than it was in the not too distantpast, thanks mainly to advances in sound technologies.More and more people are saying that binauralaudios are giving them a faster, easier way toenter through the door of the realm of luciddreaming.
  • Binaural audio recordings work in stereo; adifferent sound frequency is played in each earat the same time, phasing the brainwavescorrectly and inducing deep relaxation in thelistener, opening them up to lucid dreaming.
  • In the absence of this technology, meditation techniques had to be used by most people to master lucid dreaming. Due to the austere nature of and very long time period required for mastery of the prolonged meditation which could lead to lucid dreaming, the vast majority of people just gave up in frustration.
  • When binaural sound waves and hypnosis areused for preparing the subconscious mind it isvery possible for you to experience luciddreaming sooner.


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