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I describe about sprinting 100m


  • 1. Can you run faster? Professor Christopher YUKNA EMSE Master course of material science and technology Yoshiki SHIMADA

2. Contents Introduction Analysis Problems Suggestion Improvement method Conclusions Prediction 3. Introduction 100mWorld record: 9.58 Japanese record: 10.00 My record: 10.90 4. Analysis 100mOne race I ran 100m at 10.90s0~50m: 5.82s 50~100m: 5.08sUsually top of Japanese sprinters can run 50m at around 5.8s 5. Problems0m50mProblem is the velocity from 50m to 100m100m 6. Problemsvelocity(m/s)(t=10.90s)distance(m) Fig. curve of velocityThe max of velocity appear at point of 50m 7. velocity(m/s)Problemsdistance(m) Fig. curve of velocityIt is necessary to keep the energy to enhance the max of velocity 8. Problem 100mStamina is limited If I sprint at the early point I waste much energy and it leads to decrease the velocity 9. Improvement methodVelocity(m/s) = Stride(m/step) Stride frequency(step/sec)Ex ) 2.20(m/step) 4.8(step/sec)= 10.56(m/s) = 38.0(km/h)I mean Expand the stride Enhance the stride frequency Both factor 10. Improvement method to expand the stride2.00m2.10m2.20m2.30mPut some marks and increase distance graduallyGet used to running with broad stride 11. Improvement method to enhance the stride frequency1.9m1.9m1.9m1.9mRun downhill1.9m1.9m 12. conclusionsThe velocity depend on stride and stride frequencyI have to chose training depending on the purpose 13. PredictionI will be more faster by following my opinion10.90s10.75s 14. Thank you


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