can you swim in a swim dress?

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  1. 1. Can you swim in a swim dress? On One Hand: Swim Dresses Designed For Swimming Swim dresses are traditional bathing suits with a flared skirt and designed for swimming. They often have more material, though, which can float up formal dress around you in the water, making it more difficult to swim, according to On the Other: One-piece Suits Make For Easier Swimming One-piece suits, according to jabong-online-fashion-week-- hop-exclusive-designer-collection-jabong/, make for easier swimming than babydoll suits or swim dresses. These sleeker suits provide less resistance and allow you to move more naturally through the water. Bottom Line Swim dresses are just like regular bathing suits, except they look like mini-dresses, and they are designed for swimming; however, they have more material, which can float up around you, making it more difficult to swim than with a one-piece suit.
  2. 2. Source: What are Swim Dresses? More Information: Cool Swim Cover-ups Hot Summer Must-Haves Swim Dress


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