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  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2



    Brought to you by FINesse

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    From the Editorial Desk Pg 2 India: Boom or Gloom? Pg 3

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    The Brand New Rupee Pg 6

    When Innovation Hits Finance Pg 7

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  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    From the Editors DeskGreetings to everyone, the fact that you opened this page, makes us at FINesse,

    the finance club of SIIB grateful to you. Your fortnightly newsletter- CAPITAL EDGE

    is in its nascent stages and we would like your support to make this a success.

    Capital Edge is your update on the latest financial news and views. We intend to

    appeal to those who are well versed in Finance and those who wish to learn more of


    The second volume of Capital Edge looks into Indian business scenario in India:

    boom or gloom? We also have the Implications of the new Rupee symbol in The

    Brand New Rupee. Innovation hits Finance teases our imagination of the future of

    finance. Heard on the Street, acts as a constant from issue to issue, but certainly is

    dynamic, giving us the fortnightly analysis on the stock market.

    Apart from Capital Edge, we will be posting various items of Finance related topics

    on the notice board every fortnight. Do keep your eyes open, but more importantly

    keep your minds open.

    We are very grateful to Dr. Madhvi Sethi for her guidance, support and timely inputs

    for FINesse and Capital Edge.

    We have also included Win with Fin (Finance Quiz) .Last weeks answers

    are given & The lucky winner is Dinesh Bhat . Kindly send your answer for

    this weeks Quiz [email protected].

    We ourselves are undergoing a trial by fire with Finance, any mistake, error and faux

    pas in the newsletter is deeply regretted. We invite articles from those with

    knowledge in Finance, and even for those without. Please feel free to contribute for

    the next volume i.e. Volume 3 to be released on 14th

    Aug,2010. We would like you

    to provide us with your suggestions and comments by mailing us at siib-finance-

    [email protected].

    Edge out your competition with Capital Edge

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  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    India : Boom or Gloom ?

    A note to the reader: The following article may put you to sleep, bore you to an

    early demise...or enlighten you with new knowledge. I have deliberately left out

    statistics and kept the language simple as I dont wish to throw up anycomplications in your wonderful day. You may find over 264909323 articles

    such as this, but I assure you this is original and was not a result of the tried

    and tested copy-paste methodology. Beware of cheaper, easily readable


    India has not always been the best place for business opportunities. It has

    suffered nearly 200 years of colonial rule and a further 50 years of inward

    economic orientation. Free trade was a foreign word to us, much like Coca Colaor Nike. The Indian business sphere started off the way a tortoise would take

    its first step-slow but sure. Nehru and Mahalanobis devised a strategy to keep

    our country on the path of development. The Tata, The Ambani, The Birlas all

    ruled India Inc. during the period of 1960s to 1990s, due to lack of competition.

    They grew and so did India...or did it?

    The 1960 and 1970s was characterized by Disco, Drugs and Amitabh Bacchan

    films, but the Economy did not see much growth. Business opportunities and

    encouragement from the government was rare. Narrow mindedness

    bureaucratic procedure was a major deterrent for foreign investment.

    1990-cometh the year,cometh the man-Manmohan Singh. Yes,for those of

    who didnt realize, the current Prime Minister of our Country was the erstwhile

    Finance Minister. He brought a new revolution for the Indian Economy with his

    Reforms package. The reforms package proved to be the next best thing to

    sliced bread for the financial state of India. Industries grew, the Stock market

    rose to peoples expectations as the Indian financial market was flooded with

    FIIs and Amitabh Bacchan was replaced with the Khans.

    The 1990s was good but the turn of the millennium proved even better.

    Government support ensured that India was established as a financial

    destination for Indian entrepreneurs as well as foreign corporate houses.

    Corporates like Vodafone, Google, Citibank from varied sectors all bought into

    India Inc. You must be wondering why everyone use India Incorporated these

    days, its simply because India has become a hub for global financial wealth.

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    The growth opportunities and business boom has now shifted from the west to

    the east. As much as we may criticize our government or our PM, we should be

    grateful to them that today we can choose whether we want to buy a Dell

    Laptop or an HP laptop, whether we want to shop at Lifestyle or Central,

    whether we wish to wash our clothes with Surf or Tide, banking with Citi or

    HSBC. India is the place to be for Investment and opportunity.

    The challenge that the US faced in the 1900s is now thrust upon India. Can we

    as stakeholders of India Inc. make our country rise higher ? Can we enable our

    company India Inc. to sustain this boom and not let it falter into gloom ? Can

    we bring about a Financial revolution which will ensure that India achieves its

    rightful place in the Global market ?

    I encourage free thought and would like your opinion.Please give me yourfeedback and suggestions [email protected]

    By Rahul Dey

    mailto:[email protected]:rahulde[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    Sensex on 24 July closed at 18,130.98, its highest closing level since 6

    February 2008.

    RBI raises Repo rate 25 Bps and Reverse Repo rate 50 Bps to fight


    IPO of Hyderabad-based microfinance firm SKS Microfinance was

    subscribed 10.5 times by 30 July, last date of bidding.

    Fortis exits Parkway, makes Rs 350 cr.

    RIL Q1 net jumps 32% aided by sale of gas from KG basin Rs 4,851 crore. Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) widens tele probe, dual licences

    under lens.

    Reliance Comm set to divest tower biz to GTL Infra in $6-billion cash-

    cum-stock deal.

    By Ankur Rustagi & Summant Bhatnagar

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    The Brand New Rupee!!!!!!

    On 15th

    of July the Indian Rupee got its long awaited dynamic Symbol joining

    the elite club of the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen making Indian

    Rupee only the 5th

    currency in the world having a uniquely distinguished

    symbol, till now the Indian rupee has been denoted by Rs leaving the scope for

    misinterpreting it with the Rupees of other country like that of Pakistan rupee,

    Indonesian rupiah, Srilanka rupee, Nepalese rupee etc. Till now to

    differentiate it with other similar sounding currency in international marketINR was being used that is the abbreviated form of Indian National Rupees.

    With the new symbol the Rupee is ready to incept the mind of the

    people. Whenever we being asked to tell any foreign currency, the first

    currency which pops in our mind is definitely dollar followed by pound, euro

    and yen, Do we ever wondered whats common between them?? Its their

    symbol apart from the fact they are economic biggies, they have been

    penetrated deep within our mind with their symbols, they have some brandvalue (as we know Brand is a thought that lives in people mind ),so similarly

    with the new symbol will definitely enhance the image of the Indian currency

    and the perceived value of Indian currency will be magnified. In simple terms it

    is a rebranding exercise in action reflecting the Indias large, growing and

    confident economy (India is the fourth largest economy of the world in terms

    of purchasing power parity and the second fastest growing economy).

    Will the rupee become stronger with the new symbol? Opinions are dividedanswer may be a yes and no. Yes for the perceived value or the perception of

    Indian currency across the world will become stronger and that will in turn may

    in the long turn increase the acceptability of Indian Rupee in Foreign Exchange.

    The most interesting thing about the new symbol is that its a combination of

    Devnagri and the Roman R without the stem and also the parallel lines at

    the top and the gap between them makes an allusion of our national tricolor

    flag. By Vinay Prabhakar

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    When Innovation hits Finance!

    What do you think is driving force that makes different kinds of industries to

    sustain in the real world? Is it the motive to make profit? Is the management of

    the company? Or is it the innovations that happen in that industry? Well, whilethe former could be one the reasons, Innovation is one of the most essential

    factors for any industry to survive, and our financial world is full of such great

    innovations! Today we will see what the implications of the innovations are

    and what the impacts of these innovations on the economy are. We shall first

    look into what the central bank does.

    Monetary control is necessary to achieve desired level of growth and sustain

    price stability in the economy. Central Banks are responsible for conductingmonetary policy to achieve these goals. Therefore, Central Banks use some

    instruments; also determine some targets on monetary variables. Achieving

    targets and slowing the rate of inflation increase economic agent's confidence

    to the Central Banks therefore credibility of Central Banks increase.

    Financial innovations defined

    Innovation is normally defined as the introduction of a new product to a

    market or the production of an existing one in a new manner. Financial

    innovations occur because market participants are constantly searching for

    new ways to make greater profits.

    The spawning of financial innovations!

    Financial system is composed of The Central Bank, financial institutions such as

    commercial banks, finance companies and nonfinancial institutions such as

    cooperatives, thrift institutions, pension funds. Objective of the financial

    institutions is to make profits. If the actions of the Central Bank, regulations

    restrict operations of these institutions, they immediately search an alternative

    way to realize profit maximizations. Therefore, whenever monetary authorities

    restrict the economic agent's behaviour, new financial instruments

    are brought into view.

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    Financial innovations & economy

    Financial innovations can have profound effects on the economy of a country

    depending upon what type of innovation it is. It can make a countrys grow th

    rise or recede, of course there is a huge risk factor involved in innovating these

    ideas and implementing them into economy of a country!

    The innovations like Credit Default Swaps practically were unheard of till

    2000,it is because of these innovations that financial institutions were able to

    be more dynamic. We shall dig more into this topic by looking at the

    advantages, disadvantages, long term consequences in our next issue. If you

    love money you ought to love finance !

    By Adarsh Kumar

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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    Heard on streetTOP 5 WEEKLY GAINERS


    IRB INFRASTRUCTURE 260.30 292.85 +12.50

    ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE 364.10 403.30 +10.77

    JET AIRWAYS 614.10 678.85 +10.54

    LIC HOUSING FINANCE 1,035.25 1,136.45 + 9.78

    BAJAJ AUTO 2,469.10 2,688.05 + 8.87



    MMTC. LTD (STOCK SPLIT Rs 10 TO Re 1) 30,012.95 1,741.65 -94.20

    EVEREST KANTO CYLIND 134.65 117.15 -13.00

    MARUTI SUZUKI 1,358.25 1,198.15 -11.79

    INDIAN BANK 251.50 224.35 -10.80

    JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES 128.60 118.25 -8.05




    IFCI LTD. BUY 61 67


    By Mohit Jindal & Kunal Ohre

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


    10 | P a g e

    Win With Fin !!!!!!1. Which Asian country did China overtook to become the worlds second

    largest economy after United States? As remarked by the countrys chief

    currency regulator published last Friday.

    2. On Friday Mr V Vaidyanath resigned from the position of chief executiveand managing director, which company did he belong to?

    3. Who did Bharati Airtel appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer for its

    African operations?

    4. Which brand emerged as the worlds most valuable brand int eh Top

    valuable brand listed by the Forbes magazine?

    5. According to the report in the Wall Street journal, who is the best paid

    CEO of the decade?

    6. Which Indian company is in talks to acquire the three of Royal Dutch

    Shells European refineries?

    7. To whom did the Walt Disney Co sold its film studio Miramax?

    8. Which Indian origin personality, an expert in international finance and

    law has been appointed as Senior Advisor for the Outreach in the South

    and Central Asia bureau of State Department to help Indo-US


    9. Which of the firms have been selected for implementation of Aadhaar aprogram by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)?

    10.Which cell phone maker said it would provide free phones preloaded

    with information on agriculture, education and entertainment, to over

    500 households in five villages of Uttar Pradesh.

    By Manish Sonowal and Lam Zoulian

  • 8/8/2019 Capital Edge Volume2


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