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CAPTAIN AMERICA By: Juliana Soler Murcia

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Captain America

Captain AmericaBy: Juliana Soler MurciaWho is the captain America? The captain America is a super hero. His secret identify is Steven Rogers that is a young man who want to be a soldier

How the captain America become a super hero?The captain America want to be a soldier but he was weak. He became part of and army experiment and then he turned into a super stronger human.

how does he look like?

He is tallHe hasBlue eyesWhite skinBlonde hair Big Muscles

UniformHe has a uniform that is based on the flag of the United States of America.Lines White and red, white starts, blue pants and red boots.He has a shield that protects him from bullets and almost ever thing in the worldHis mask has white wings.Personality

He always want to help the people He is a humble man and he has good feelingsHe is respectful and loyalHe loves his countryHe is sensitive

Powers SpeedSuperhuman strengthSuper IntelligenceExpert in martial arts fighter

weaknessWithout his shield he lost his protection and He has the same weakness of a human.

Where does he live?The captain America lives in new york

Enemy Red skullHydra

Funtion in the comic