captives and gic - a 20 billion $ market in india

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Collective Learning Series

Collective Learning Series Captives and GIC a $ 20 Billion Market in India

Today s Topic to LearnDifference between Captives and Outsourcing GIC / Captives Interlock with the Startups with Accelerator Programs.Digital Journey of the GIC/CaptivesDigital Startups and their Journey with Captives.Steps to take to do business with Captives

Outsourcing and Captives To understand the difference the thread mentioned can be referred

GIC Captives Interlock with Start Ups

Digital Journey of GIC /Captives

Want to Tap the GIC /Captive Market ?Steps To take to tap the Business Opportunities with GICPrepare a List of companies who help Captives in their India Entry Strategy Align with them for an extended capability synergyMap this Accounts based on their decision making Hierarchy.US Thread Keep nurturing this account from their US side of the management .Captives are in constant search of converting their core operation to one that of a Value added entity and they always search for Partners who can align with them for Extended Technology capability