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  • 1. UX Practice Build a car classified based on personas
  • 2. Disclaimer: This is just a very draft personal project to put UX reading to practice.
  • 3. The current situation Like a lot of current car classified website, the website basically having the same pattern of looking for new and used car.
  • 4. Setting up the target audience We can categories into two: Group A: - New visitors - Return visitors Group B: - Visitors who has a clear budget - Visitors who are researching
  • 5. Lets start with a user story I have a friend who is a foreigner and started to work in Malaysia. Frustrated by the lack of public transport in Malaysia, he has no choice but to buy himself a car to commute to work. But he has less budget to buy new cars because they are expensive. So he visits car classifieds to look for second hand car.
  • 6. Persona #1: Foreigner Amir - 30 years old, married with 2 kids, from Iran - Arrived in Malaysia not long ago after he found an IT job as Senior Web Developer in Malaysia. - Salary: RM5000 - Car license: No - Budget to buy a car: less than RM10,000
  • 7. Persona #2: First Time Buyer John - 24 years old, working as designer for 2 years. - Monthly income: RM3000. - now still driving fathers car. - Is thinking to change a new car next year, but unsure which car to buy. - Budget idea: as long as is cheap lah! - Because he is a designer, he wanted a car that best suits his personality. He knows that the car design must be good looking and young! - He also lack of knowledge in terms of buying car. So he would like to learn more about it.
  • 8. Persona #3: Big Family Christine - 35 years old HR Manager in a MNC company. - Married with 3 kids. - Lives together with in-law parents. - Currently driving a Sedan. Was thinking of getting a bigger car so that she can bring her kids and family to go shopping and vacation. - Budget consideration: RM100,000 - RM200,000 - Doesnt mind going over the budget where she can join buying the car with husband.
  • 9. Persona #4: Car Lover Max - 26 years old freelance writer. - Just bought his car - Kia Koup - Loves his Kia to the max and always making sure his ride in top notch condition. - Brings his babe to workshop regularly to do checkup. - Joins local Kia Koup club to exchange opinion with other drivers, but he would like to research more. - Wanted to upgrade his car in terms of car accessories. - He went to car classified to try his luck.
  • 10. 4 Personas, 4+ situations 1. Budget Conscious 3. Personality conscious 2. First time buyer 4. Size conscious 5. Maintenance/upgrade conscious
  • 11. Lets look at other marketplace Search with a broader term, then only narrow it down further next.
  • 12. Lets look at other marketplace Start broad, unclutter the search interface
  • 13. Homepage Suggestion Initial Idea
  • 14. 4 tabs to quickly filter result with specific search criteria just enough search info autocomplete features More targeted content and predefined search filters for targeted audiences Engagement content Parts search convenient box
  • 15. Thank you by Jayhan