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  • 1.Factors Affecting Car Gas Mileage
    Cody Kustrin
    Weston McCollum

2. Purpose
What Factors affect car mileage and to what extent?
Factors Examined
Drive Type
Gas Type
3. Data
122 Cars
70HPToyota Prius to the 285HP Chevy Suburban
Drive type
Front (1)
Rear (2)
AWD (3)
Gas type
Regular (1)
Premium (2)
Diesel (3)
2150 lb. Acura MDX to the 7270 lb. Ford Excursion
4. Drive Type
5. Analysis of Drive Type Regression
Weakly Negative Correlation, m=-0.0507
As drive type switches from Rear to Front MPG increases, AWD is the worse.
Rear wheel drive vehicles typically have more horsepower so the decrease in MPG is expected.
6. Fuel Type
7. Analysis of Fuel Type Regression
No Correlation between Fuel Type and MPG, m= 0.0136
Premium Fuel is more efficient, but that is almost completely offset by the higher horsepower engines in most cars requiring premium.
8. Weight
9. Analysis of Weight Regression
Strong Negative Correlation between Weight and MPG. M=-119.92
For every 119.92 lbs added to a vehicle it is expected to lose about 1 MPG
Takes more gas to pull heavier things.
10. Conclusions
Drive Type has a moderate impact on fuel economy, front is higher than both rear and AWD.
Fuel Type almost no difference between gas mileage of cars using regular compared to those using premium.
Diesel has the best gas mileage but costs about $1 more per gallon than regular
11. Conclusions Continued
Weight has the biggest impact on fuel economy other than horsepower. For every 120 pounds a car sheds it gains roughly 1 MPG
Clean out your car on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the best gas mileage.
12. Any questions?