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Visit us at our website: Caregiver burnout is a common thing among caregivers. This slideshow outlines the causes of caregiver burnout and also gives you a list of helpful remedies to bring your stress level down.


  • 1. Caregiver BurnoutPresented by:Tom Knox January 30, 2014

2. Why This Is an Important Topic Common Among Caregivers Health Risks from Burnout are High Preparing Ahead of Time Can Help You Avoid It Altogether Knowing the Causes Can Be Half the Battle Understanding How to Recuperate from It Is Essential In This Field Without Caring for You, You Cant Care for Others 3. The Causes Grief Often around sick and depressed seniors Have to deal with death Stress A little stress can actually help keep you alert in this kind of job. Too much stress can bring about very negative physical and mental effects. Lack of Being Filled Up You can only give so much of your energy to another person before you need to personally be filled up. 4. The Causes (Contd.) Guilt Feeling that you cant do enough Resentment The opposite of guilt Feeling that youve done all you can, but its never enough Hard Work and Long Hours The nature of the job Lack of rest can wear on you 5. The Remedies Relaxing In Down Time Take full advantage of time off Relax alone and with friends Friends and Family Keep in normal communication with others Have someone with whom you can share your thoughts and emotions openly Make sure your relationships outside of work are two-sided 6. The Remedies (Contd.) Life Outside of Work Hobbies and Recreation Church or Group Events Respite Longer break, vacation Time to feel rejuvenated Need a backup team of caregivers Know the Remedies When you know how to treat burnout, its easier to quickly recover from it. 7. Benefits of Home Care Less stressful environment for senior and caregiver Support from the family Ability to work rotating shifts with other caregivers Opportunity to work live-in jobs Can develop a backup team of caregivers for times of respite 8. Our Story Your Story My beloved grandmother was neglected in a facility. It inspired me to start an agency that successfully hired and cared for thousands of seniors at home. I have realized that there are great caregivers who want to build their careers at a livable wage. Our goal is to provide you great career options with the best families in America. - Tom Knox, Founder Held by my great grandmother 5 Generations of my 9. Visit us at: