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A 52-page illustrated full-color bilingual education resource for childcare providers inspired by PBS programming.


  • 1. KCTS 9 and A Place of Our Own Present:Activity Workbook

2. Mini-Pizzas Nature Poster 3. Banana Shake Felt Board Stories 4. Playing Post Office Green Spaghetti 5. Sock Puppets Quiet Art 6. Family Collage Poster Face Sandwiches 7. Healthy Food Choices Indoor Marching Game 8. Interactive TV Play Family Collage Poster 9. We Are Alike and We Are Different Language Poster 10. Peek-A-Boo Homemade Books for Infants and Toddlers 11. Homemade Tent Megaphones 12. Innovations in Storytelling Storytelling Pajama Party 13. Homemade Books Storytelling with Simple Props 14. Circle-Time Name Song Song Posters 15. Homemade Kazoos Movement Center 16. Clean Mud Dough Art 17. Dramatic Play Area Gadget Painting 18. Squirt Art Prop Box 19. Art with Salt and Ice Newspaper Sculpture