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  • 7/30/2019 Caretaker 2006 Job Description




    Job Title: CARETAKER

    Salary: Hourly paid

    Hours of Work: 2 hours per week

    Responsible to: Premises Manager

    Responsible for: NA

    Job Purpose:

    A. To provide a caretaking service to XXX buildings

    Main Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Act as key holder, if required, and unlock/lock premises as necessary, ensuring allsecurity devices (e.g. alarms) are activated/de-activated as appropriate.

    2. Report any damage or defects to XXX property to the Premises Manager or otherdesignated person.

    3. Undertake minor repairs and maintenance tasks that are within the post holderscompetence and do not contravene any statutory regulations. Arrange for other repairs tobe carried out under any maintenance contract that may be in place at the time.

    4. Ensure satisfactory operation of heating/hot water systems, reporting anyfaults/irregularities to the Premises Manager or other designated person. Liaise with

    external maintenance engineers as necessary.

    5. Replace fluorescent tubes, starters, diffusers, light bulbs and shades.

    6. Develop and maintain plans of the location of all utility service pipes, valves, switches,etc.

    7. Move items of furniture, equipment and other provisions as required.

    8. Carry out recycling activities as directed.

    9. Externally ensure immediate curt ledge of XXX building(s) and car parks are free fromlitter and rubbish and clear as necessary. Remove snow and other obstructions ensuring

    the safety of visitors and employees.

    10. Undertake cleaning activities as directed by the Premises Manager or other designatedperson.

    11. Keep up to date records and inventories as required.

    Whilst every effort has been made to outline all the duties and responsibilities of the post,a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in detail. Also the postholder may, from time to time, be asked to undertake other reasonable duties

  • 7/30/2019 Caretaker 2006 Job Description


    commensurate with the grading of the post.

    In addition to undertaking the duties as outlined above, the post holder will be expected to fullyadhere to the following:

    1. EqualityAct in accordance with the organisations Equality Policy, which is designed to preventdiscrimination of any kind, and ensure equality of opportunity is a key principle that iscontinually embraced.

    2. OperationalEnsure that all duties are carried out in line with the organisations health and safety,operational, performance management, personnel, data protection, and financialregulations, policies and procedures.

    3. Corporate ImageAdopt a professional image at all times.

    4. Confidentiality

    Maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to the organisations information andprocedures.


  • 7/30/2019 Caretaker 2006 Job Description



    Job Title: Caretaker

    Personal Skills/Characteristics Essential DesirableMethod of

    Assessmen1. Experience

    Experience of care and maintenance of buildings.

    Experience of carrying out minor maintenance activities.

    Experience in the building industry.

    Experience of overseeing maintenance contractors.





    2. Qualifications & Training

    Basic training in a building trade AF/Cert3. Special Skills/Knowledge

    Knowledge of health and safety regulations in relation to Caretakingactivities.

    Knowledge of heating systems.

    Skills in one or more building trades to a competent DIY standard.

    Ability to monitor and report on faults and repairs.





    4. Personal Qualities

    a) Ability to organise, plan and prioritise on own initiative,including when under pressure and meeting deadlines.

    b) Ability to work flexibly.



    5. Personal Circumstance

    a) Willingness to work flexible hours when required to meetwork demands or deal with emergencies.

    b) Occasional attendance at work outside normal workinghours.



    6. Physical Requirements

    a) Ability to travel to various locations during the course ofemployment as required.


    Key: AF = Application form. I = Interview. R = Reference. T = Test. C = Certificate

  • 7/30/2019 Caretaker 2006 Job Description