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Pagan Carmina Gadelica SeriesThe Carmina Gadelica was a series of prayers, charms and invokations collected by Alexander Carmichael in the latter half of the nineteenth century. He collected them from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and the originals are all in Gaelic. The Carmina reflects the Christianity of Scotland, and the prayers make reference to Jesus, God, and Mary the Virgin, among other Biblical figures. However, many commentators have noted a "Celtic spirituality" in the Carmina, and this work makes up much of the Celtic Christian prayerbooks and whatnot on sale today. But I believe the Celtic spirituality stems from an earlier Pagan source, and certainly I can see a great many connections to our faith within the Carmina. With that in mind I have decided to adapt the Carmina for Pagan use, for ritual, prayer, meditation and just to enjoy the poetry. I have used the English versions provided by Carmichael - I cannot read Gaelic, unfortunately - and have adapted them for our use. If you would like to read the first book of the Carmina Gadelica, in Gaelic and English, it is available at the University of the Highlands and Islands website. To read the whole Carmina, you will have to either buy it or borrow it from a library, I'm afraid. The transcription and adaptation of the whole Carmina (which is my eventual aim) will take some time, so don't be surprised if this page looks a little scanty for a bit! A note on the use of these prayers for rituals. I have not pointed out how you can use these for rituals - that depends on how you work and how you would like to use them, I have just left them as prayers and charms. Please do feel free to adapt and change them as your rituals need them to be changed, and to do whatever you feel you should if using them in ritual work, or just in prayer. In some of the prayers you will find the names of the Gods of the Celtic pantheon - you can change these as you see fit, but I have included them because of the tradition these prayers come from. You will often see the names of Brigid and Ogma in these adaptations, because Brigid is the Goddess of poetry (among other things) and Ogma of literature, and are therefore the patrons of this work.

Day Protection PrayerThanks to Thee ever, O gentle Lady, That Thou hast raised me freely from the black And from the darkness of last night To the kindly light of this day. Praise unto Thee, O Mother of all creatures, According to each life Thou hast poured on me, My desire, my word, my sense, my repute, My thought, my deed, my way, my fame.

Prayer at RisingBless to me, O Goddess, Each thing mine eye sees; Bless to me, O Goddess, Each sound mine ear hears; Bless to me, O Goddess, Each odour that goes to my nostrils; Bless to me, O Goddess, Each taste that goes to my lips; Each note that goes to my song, Each ray that guides my way, Each thing that I pursue, Each lure that tempts my will, The zeal that seeks my living soul, The Threefold Lady that seeks my heart, The zeal that seeks my living soul, The Lady who seeks my heart.

Lady's AidLady to enfold me, Lady to surround me, Lady in my speaking, Lady in my thinking. Lady in my sleeping, Lady in my waking,

Lady in my watching, Lady in my hoping. Lady in my life, Lady in my lips, Lady in my soul, Lady in my heart. Lady in my suffering, Lady in my slumber, Lady in mine ever-living soul, Lady in mine eternity.

Goddess With Me Lying DownGoddess with me lying down Goddess with me rising up, Goddess with me in each ray of light, Nor I a ray of joy without Her, Nor one ray without Her. Mother with me sleeping, Maiden with me waking, Crone with me watching, Every day and night, Each day and night. Crone with me protecting, Mother with me directing, Maiden with me strengthening, For ever and for evermore. Ever and evermore. So mote it be.

Day Protection PrayerThou Queen of moon and stars, Thou King of sun, Thou thyselves knowest our need, O Thou merciful Gods of life. Each day that we move, Each time that we awaken, Causing vexation and gloom To the King and Queen who love us.

Be with us through each day, Be with us through each night; Be with us each night and day, Be with us each day and night.

Morning PrayerBless to me, O Goddess, My soul and my body; Bless to me, O Goddess, My belief and my condition; Bless to me, O Goddess, My heart and my speech, And bless to me, O Goddess, The handling of my hand; Strength and busyness of morning, Habit and temper of modesty, Force and wisdom of thought, And Thine own path, O Lady of virtues, Till I go to sleep this night; Thine own path, O Lady of virtues, Till I go to sleep this night.

Journeys The Traveller's AidingThe Maiden be with thee in every pass, The Mother be with thee on every hill, The Crone be with thee on every stream, Headland and ridge and lawn, Each sea and land, each moor and meadow, Each lying down, each rising up, In the trough of the waves, on the crest of the billows, Each step of the journey thou goest.

Travelling Protection PrayerI am praying and appealing to the Goddess, The Dagda and the leadings of the Gods, To aid me in distress of sea and of land: May the Threefold Goddess succour me, may the Lord shield me, May the Gods watch me by day and by night. Danu and the Dagda and the Gods Be shielding me, be possessing me, be aiding me, Be clearing my path and going before my soul In hollow, on hill, on plain, On sea and land be the Gods aiding me. Danu and Dagda and all the Gods Be shielding and saving me, The Threefold and the One, By my knee, by my back, by my side, Each step of the stormy world.

The AidingMay Brigid shield me, May Danu shield me, May Ogma shield me, On sea and on land: To shield me from all anguish On sea and on land, To shield me from all anguish.

May the Maiden aid me, May the Mother aid me, May the Crone aid me, On sea and on land: In the shielding of the Summerland everlasting On sea and on land, In the shielding of the Summerland everlasting. May the Gods succour me, May the Gods follow me, May the Gods guide me, On sea and on land, To the Vine-garden of the godlike On sea and on land, To the Vine-garden of the godlike.

Prayer for TravellingLife be in my speech, Sense in what I say, The bloom of cherries on my lips, Till I come back again. The love the Lady gave Be filling every heart for me, The love the Lady gave Filling me for every one. Traversing corries, traversing forests, Traversing valleys long and wild. The Lady Brigid still uphold me, The Lord Ogma be my shield, The Lady Brigid still uphold me, The Lord Ogma be my guide.

WorkMakes reference to the Celtic Gods. This would make an excellent circle casting ritual.

Kindling the FireI will raise the hearth-fire As Brigid would. The encirclement of Brigid On the fire, and on the floor, And on the household all. Who are they on the bare floor? Angus and Giobniu and Manannan. Who are they by my bed? The lovely Brigid and Her brother Ogma. Who are those watching over my sleep? The Dagda and the Badb they are. Who is that anear me? The King of the sun, Lugh Himself it is. Who is that at the back of my head? Danu the Mother without beginning, without time.

Smooring the FireI will build the hearth, As Brigid would build it, The encompassment of Brigid, Guarding the hearth, guarding the floor, Guarding the household all. Who are they on the lawn without? Lugh the sun-radiant of my trust. Who are they on the middle of the floor? Angus and Goibniu and Manannan. Who are they by the front of my bed? The radiant Brigid and Her brother Ogma. The mouth of the Goddess ordained, The messenger of the Goddess proclaimed, A Goddess bright in charge of the hearth Till white day shall come to the embers.

A Goddess bright in charge of the hearth, Till white day shall come to the embers.

Charms, Banishings, Ritual WorkTo be said before commencing a work of magick.

Rune Before WorkingsI am bending me knee In the eye of the Mother who created me, In the eye of the Maid who delights with me, In the eye of the Crone who protects me, In friendship and affection. Through Thine own desire, O Goddess, Bestow upon us fullness in our need, Love towards the Goddess, The affection of the Goddess, The smile of the Goddess, The wisdom of the Goddess, The grace of the Goddess, The protection of the Goddess, And the will of the Goddess. To do on the world of the Three, As those who have gone before Do in the Summerlands; Each shade and light, Each day and night, Each time in kindness, Draw me to You.

Prayers (general)This would equally do as well as a late-night prayer, or to open a circle with others.

Resting PrayerGoddess shield the house, the fire, the kine, Every one who dwells herein to-night. Shield myself and my beloved group, Preserve us from violence and from harm; Preserve us from foes this night, For the sake of the love Thou hast for us, In this place, and in every place wherein we dwell to-night, On this night and on every night, This night and every night.

Festivals The Blessing of the New YearGoddess, bless to me the new day, Never vouchsafed to me before; It is to bless Thine own presence Thou hast given me this time, O Goddess. Bless Thou to me mine eye, May mine eye bless all it sees; I will bless my neighbour, May my neighbour bless me. Goddess, give me a clean heart, Let me not from sight of Thine eye; Bless to me my children and my wife, And bless to me my means and my cattle.

The Moon Moon WorshipGlory to thee for ever, Thou bright moon, this night; Thyself art ever The glorious lamp of the poor.

The New MoonHail to thee, thou new moon, Guiding jewel of gentleness! I am bending to thee my knee, I am offering thee my love. I am bending to thee my knee, I am giving thee my hand, I am lifting to thee mine eye, O new moon of the seasons. Hail to thee, thou new moon, Joyfu