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  1. 1. Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Professional mattress cleaning services in Melbourne are available. However, the rates vary from one service provider to, another. Most of these service providers also offer upholstery and carpet steam cleaning services.
  2. 2. Mattress Cleaning Melbourne Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne Pricing Single Mattress $40 Double Mattress $60 Queen Mattress $90 King Mattress $90
  3. 3. Car Steam Cleaning Melbourne To give your car upholstery and carpets a professional steam clean, you do not need to take a step outside. Simply call Zero Spot Cleaners and we will come out to your location to give it a clean for you and your family.
  4. 4. Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Cheap Carpets Steam Cleaning Melbourne Pricing 3 Standard Bedrooms: $70 Each additional standard room $30 Carpeted Stairs $5 each $50 min. Hallways / Landing $20 # Minimum Charge -$70 Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne form an essential part of the flooring in your house and offices requiring regular vacuuming get rid of periodic build up of dirt and dust brought in with wind or shoes from outside.
  5. 5. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Carpets Steam Cleaning Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Mattress Cleaning Melbourne Car Steam Cleaning Melbourne
  6. 6. Contact Us Zero Spot Cleaners Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000 Call: 0406960436