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WHAT IS CARPET A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of "pile" attached to a backing. The pile is generally either made from wool or a fiber such as nylon or polyester. Carpet is either manmade and machine made.

CARPET INSTALLATION TOOLSAdhesive Nozzle, Spreads Knee KickerCarpet Knife Loop Pile CutterCarpet TrimmerScissor Carpet Seam Roller

Knee KickerScissor AdhesiveMeasuring tape

OTHER MATERIAL USEDDouble sided tapeUnderlayAdhesiveMeasuring tapeSteel channelchalk

INSTALLATION PROCESSDetermine the area: First of all we must know the area where carpeting needs to be done. Dimension of the area will define the amount of carpet we require. Clean the subfloor: Cleaning of subfloor is important. It should be free from dust, dirt and moisture and it must be smooth too.

Lay the underlay: This is also known as carpet pad. It is laid over subfloor using adhesive and it is available in different material sponge rubber, foam. It also gives cushioned feeling while walking over it.

Trim the underlay: Underlay should not be overlapped to each other. So trimming should be done properly.

Trim the carpet to size: Cut the carpet 3 bigger than the area where it should be installed. 3 extra is taken for error and to match the pattern and design of the carpet.Apply adhesive: Apply the adhesive on bottom of the carpet. Usually synthetic adhesive is used.

Lay the carpet: Carpet is laid by side by side keeping in mind its pattern, design and edges where it should join to other piece of carpet. It should not overlap on each other and also do not allow the air between carpet and underlay.

Stretch the carpet: Stretch the carpet from all the sides with hands and with knee kicker. It should not be stretched too much.Attach the edge of the carpet: Attach the edges of the carpet . Here joining of pattern and design is important. Because one inch difference can spoil entire flooring.

Cut the excess carpet: After adjusting from all the sides. There will be excess carpet that should be trimmed.

Tuck the edge of the carpet: Tuck the edges of the carpet from all the sides in steel channel. Steel channels are available in different width.

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