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  • Disregard all that glass in the roof andthe lower halves of the door, and youvegot a pretty good idea of what theproduction variant of this two-boxcompact will look like. Its sized like aMini Countryman All4 with 10 inches cut
  • off the nose, while a battery pack takesup much of the ground clearance andraises the floor a bit. The rear-hingedrear doors open after the front doorshave opened. The construction conceptBMW is calling LifeDrive can beconsidered the first productionapplication of the skateboard chassisconcept GM introduced as theAUTOnomy in 2002. It splits the car intoa rolling aluminum chassis "Drive"module that bears all
  • The Cayennes long-awaited little brother, the Cajun, has finally been given the go-signal for production by Porsche, officially confirming what weve all known for quite some time.The confirmation was made through a press releasethat announced the companys new multi-million dollarinvestment towards its production facility in Liepzig,Germany. While that was the main onus of the release,news that the Cajun will be produced in the sitebeginning in late 2013 is whats gotten the industrysattention.
  • For all of the Cayennes popularity, there were stillsome people that thought that the Porsche SUVneeded a smaller version, a crossover that wouldappeal to people who thought of the Cayenne as to bigand bulky for their liking.The Cajun will answer all of that, as it is being preparedto be an agile crossover that will challenge the likes ofthe BMW X3, the Mercedes GLK-Class, and the RangeRover Evoque in the crossover market.Details behind the Cajun were not announced, but thepopular consensus is that it will carry a wide range ofpowerplants that will include a 2.0-liter TFSI engine with223 horsepower, a supercharged V6 that will carry anoutput north of 300 horsepower, a 2.0-liter TDI (diesel)engine that will see 200 horsepower, a 3.0-liter V6 TDIthat will have 314 horsepower, and a hybrid TFSIengine with 211 horsepower to go with an electricmotor that produces 44 horsepower. For those that have long wished for a smaller version of the Cayenne, your prayers have been answered. Production for the Porsche Cajun will begin in 2013.
  • Now that Maserati has unveiled the Kubang concept atthe Frankfurt Motor Show everyone knows that theproduction version is just around the corner. The only
  • question is: will it keep the Kubang name? Apparently no!It has been reported that the company has just filed apatent application in Europe for the name "Cinqueporte" -that of course will be used for a five-door car.That make us believe that the future SUV will carry the"Cinqueporte" moniker - unless of course Maserati hassomething else planned that has managed to keep toitself until now. A very strange choice we might addconsidering the SUV will be built in the US at ChryslersJefferson North plant in Detroit, MI.The SUV will be built on a Jeep Grand Cherokee platformand will be powered by a 4.7-liter V-8 unit capable ofabout 450-hp, coupled with ZFs eight-speed automatictransmission. For Europe Maserati will also be offering aVM Motoris 3.0-liter V-6 with power increased to over300 HP. The Maserati SUV will be launched on themarket in 2013.