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20170313 Panasonic TV 756SCIHD Secrets Of The Underground, Undetermined Nebula, Universe Z, Panversa. [--Photo(s) And / Or Other Visual Material-derived Exact (Data Collection / Evidence Gathering) Location ID: XXX /NO --] Often, Displayed Extraction Status May Be Obtained / Reached / Applied Via Extreme / Extensive Visual eReverse Engineering Blending Techniques / Skills / Traits (Really, Its All About Wisely, Astutely, And Continuously Utilizing / Launching Targeted / Proprietary IAOSGEASDOEM Routines, Or Infa (This Replaced Tera) Analysis On Selected Graphic Extraction(s) And Subsequent Dead-On Exposure(s) MethodologyThis Acronym May Change Often, Without Any Apparent Reason(s), I Might Add; It Can Also Be Taken As To Mean Everyone Is Completely And Categorically Lying To Everyone Else Even Without Perhaps Knowing It, Which Is Unfortunately The Saddest Aspect Of The Entire Human Existence; Not That This Matters Anything In The Grand, Old Scheme Of Things, Or GOSOT, Of Course!)Unless Otherwise Indicated / Noted Minimum (Vs. Nada / Maximum) Interaction / Comparison With Possible Reference Image(s) Undertaken Here: Minimal (Vs. Nada /Intermediate / Complete) Interspersed / Copied.) / Credit: Image Credit: As Possibly Shown In Appropriate Slide(s) / VARIOUS SOURCES-acquired eIndividual(s) + Eagle + Animal(s) (If Any Shown) eImagery (Secondary / Deduced Image(s) May Also Occasionally Appear Throughout.).Current Image(s) (Some / All Data Possibly Revisited In Various Media: XXX / NO) Extraction Source(s) / Related Link(s)Currently Shown Data Contents May Have Been Changed And / Or Deleted: Please Check Relevant Slide(s) Data, If Any: / Internet - WWW, 00 01 Side(s) HP Scan(s), Via 03 Wife No. 01 Deborah Ann Apple iPhone Photo(s) eMail / 00 Canon Digital (Camera Washed / Dried / Lost 20170219) (Local Time Stamp Accuracy: XXX / XX) Travel No / Local No Photo(s), And / Or Similar 00 eEvents: (Mostly For Photos: Some Others May Not Appear Here, Used For On-The-Spot / Elsewhere Motif(s) Composition Or Similarly Available Minor Prep Work.) Nothing Here Is Provided / Intended / Offered / Proposed For Sale, Rental, Licensing, Reproduction / Dissemination -Transmission, Testing, Exhibition, Manufacture, Fiduciary Profit And / Or Any Other Form Of Accountable Personal Gain(s) / Tax(es) Break(s) - Exempting Value(s) By Any Live Person(s), Firm(s), Company(ies) Corporation(s) Now And / Or At Any Other Otherwise Assignable - Adjudicable Time In The Foreseeable Human-dimension(s)-scale(s) Future. Likewise, No Individual And / Or Group Creative Authorship / Talent(s) Of Any Kind Is Hereby Argued / Contested / Claimed / Assigned On Behalf Of Any / All Of The Possible Artwork(s) / Photo(s) / Sketch(es) Shown / Appearing In This Extemporaneous, Outlandish, Most Extraordinary Visual Effects / Biocomputing, Possibly Original SeriesNot, Superseded.(VIEWER(S) ALWAYS PLEASE KEENLY BEWARE: Complete And / Or Partial Psychological Aberration (Euskera / Basque Language Word Origin: Abere = Animal) Status Possibly Depicted Here 001 Time(s): YES / XX + Corrected Here 001 Time(s): XXX / NO)!!!)Presented By : LMIV / EGTOJ (Or: Via eMail-Requested / Submitted Series Do Not Imagine The Greater (The Greatest Still To Come!) World; Rather Euphorically, See It Here Outright w/More Complete, Perhaps Missing Steps In This MS PowerPoint Presentation Inside Reference-containing eDocument: ElecEntitySeminarSeries#0004-PartIofXII-Mar#004-2017 (Info May Have Been Left Purposely Outdated / Incomplete) (DISCRETIONARYVISUALWARNINGSACTIVATED-AUTO OPT-IN SELF OPT-OUT ANYTIME)Very Small-Fine Print / Minutiae Here: 2016-Onward General / Personal Graphic Data Warning / Disclaimer Main Protocol(s) / Formalities Follow(s): Please Keep Handling Daily Our Downright Ultra Lowly, Day-to-Day, Dumbass Bullshit [Sic] Well While I Keep Handling Daily Our Downright Ultra Lowly, Eon-to-Eon, Dumbass Bullshit [Sic] Just As Well. Also, Please Remember Idiocy (Closely Following Tiny Cousin Illiteracy Runs Similar Gamut. Of Course, Others Might Still Argue Lunacy Belongs To The Same Deviant Group; Please Notice, There Is Plenty Of Healthy Fun To Go Around Here!) Never Goes Away; Really, It Cant Be Entirely Eliminated / Beaten Unless, Of Course, You Happen To Be The Downright Idiot To Think Otherwise! Along This Way, Some Promising Battle Lines / Parameters / Paradigms Are Possibly Being Shifted / Shattered / Updated / Redrawn (Like Repurposing / Blurring The Boundaries Between What Anyone Can See / Comprehend / Experience And What Cannot / Should Not Be Done / Attempted.), Since Complete Human Stability / Divine Reunification Is Admittedly Quite Challenging / Hard To Achieve And Enjoy. But Anyone Should Always Be Welcome To Try No Matter How Foolhardy, Temerary, And / Or Inexcusable. Ha Ha Ha!Thank You Very Much Muchas Gracias Merci Bien Dankeschn - Eskerrik Asko!!!