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2. BACKGROUND DETAILSTop of the pops published by BBC Magazines, launched in February1995 ever since has been published monthly, It features alongside theTV show Top of The Pop which was cancelled in 2006 after 42 yearsof running, despite the TV show being axed the magazine is stillbeing published to this day. The top of the pops magazine suppliedthe readers with features like chart information, star gossip, fashionand beauty advice, quizzes, song lyrics and posters. Top of the pops isfamous for giving girl group The Spice Girls their nicknames, with itsoriginally marketed to be the missing link between NME and SmashHits, after time this format gradually changed, rather than musiccontent more of an appeal to the young girls of the generation.Through the years of this publication running there have been manyeditors including Peter Lorraine, Corinna Schaffer and Rosalie Snaithas well as contributing editors including Adam Tanswell, however thecurrent editor of the magazine is Peter Hart. 3. Top Of The Pops Michael Jackson Issue,19th July,1995 -Logo, to show the brand and the identity. - Typical magazine convention of offering a gift. -Other well known artist to highlight the music feature of the magazine alongside the authority as they are big named artists. -Other well known artist to highlight the music feature of the magazine alongside the authority as they are big named artists. - purely for music updates and interviews. - simple colour scheme to go with a simple layout -Appealing to both genders - can relate to both old and young generation depending on their musical tastes. An issue which was created when the magazine was first established. 4. Top Of The Pops- Little Mix Issue,2012-Logo is completely different, very planand simple, as well as now being veryiconic.- more than artist which is featured onthe front cover-More than one image- purely for girls- lost the musical concern more basedaround gossip on the Artist which givesus the idea its for younger teenage girls.- pinks and purples highlights the targetaudience is girls An issue which was created recently. 5. Top Of The Pops Today. The style of the top of the pops magazine as moved with the generation, itsnow targeted for younger teen girls in which have heart throb crushes as well asclassy role models within these artist. A top of the pops issue would cost 3.50,consist of 42 pages of full packed gossip and information on artist alongsidefreebies, top of the pops is original know for its colour scheme of pink andyellow however in recent years has changed to a variety of colours, like pinks,blues and purples. Top of the pops follow original conventions of a musicmagazine however has a slight twist, as it also covers other information aboutas well as other teen celebrity role models such a Robert Pattinson and KristenStewart 6. This is content in which is usually seen within the magazine. These areboth from the same issue which explains the correlation of the colours andbands. 7. Target audienceThe target audience in which top f the pops appeal towards are usually youngfemales/ teenagers, they do this through many things such as the colour aswell as the artist in which they display to the target audience the age range inwhich top of the pops aim it at is between 13- 20. its gender in which itappeals to is female however depending on the artist in which feature it couldappeal to a male. It aims it towards young females that are interested music,fashion and gossip. As well as having many role models within the musicindustry in which are also seen as fashion icons. 8. Content within the top of the pops magazine we see various pieces of content mostof the magazine is dedicated to the music and artist of that genre, howeverwith top of the pops there is a side of gossip, as well as quizzes and prizeswhich allow the audience to interact with the magazine. There are variousartist in which commonly feature these consist of ;-One direction-Tulisa-Cheryl Cole-The wanted and others.The magazine also offers features like posters of the artist which featurewithin the magazine as well as free gifts such as sweets , lip gloss andothers. 9. Style The style of top of the pops is very different to other magazines likekerrang and xxl however with pop magazines there is a correlationof the themes between them. For example with the colour themesbetween them pop magazines usually have very bright and vibrantcolours this is to show us that its an upbeat and edgy magazine, mostof the colours seen on a pop magazine are yellow and pink howeverthere is sometime a hint of blue to create a more suttle look . The styleof the magazine is very clutter and packed, with lots of images to showoff the artist. The font is very girly and swirly making it appeal to ayounger more girly audience rather than males. Within the front coverand content page as well as featured articles th use slang such as omgor lol which appeals to a teenage audience rather than older females.