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CASH FLOW STATEMENTAmount (Rs)Cash flow from operating activities

Net incomexxxxAdjustment to reconcile net income to net cash provided by Operating Activities

Add: Depreciation and AmortizationxxxxAccount ReceivableIn case of increase of Account Receivable ---- Subtract In case of decrease in Account Receivable ---- Add xxxxInventoriesIn case of increase of Inventories ---- Subtract In case of decrease in Inventories ---- AddxxxxPrepaid expensesIn case of increase of prepaid expenses---- Subtract In case of decrease in prepaid expenses---- AddxxxxPayableIn case of increase of Payable---- Add In case of decrease in Payable expenses----Subtractxxxxtax payableIn case of increase of Tax payable---- AddIn case of decrease in Tax payable---- SubtractxxxxNet cash provided by operating ActivitiesAns

Cash flow from Investing Activities

Less: Capital Expenditure(xxxx)Proceeds from sale of equipmentxxxxProceeds from sale of investmentsxxxxLess: Investments in subsidiary(xxxx)Net cash provided by Investment ActivitiesAns

Cash Flow From Financial Activities

Less: Payment for long term Debts(xxxx)Proceeds from issuance of long-term debtxxxxProceeds from issuance of common stockxxxxLess: Dividends paid(xxxx)Less: Purchase of treasury stock(xxxx)Net cash provided by financing activitiesans

Increase (Decrease) in CashAns