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    GENERAL PUMPBeforedecidingona replacementcarwashpump, check out the results of a head-to-head comparison between GP anda leading competitor. Youll find that GPpumps offer better quality at a better price.For your free copy, call (888) 474-5487,e-mail us at sales@gpcompanies.comor online


    TheMalco Automotive catalog offers a com-prehensive line of automotive reconditioningchemicals including washes, waxes,degreasers, dressings, compounds, polishesandmanymore specialty products.Downloadthecurrentcatalogwww.malcoautomotive.comor send an email to torequestone today. Interested inbecominga

    MalcoDistributor?Visit usonline usdirectly

    john.anderson@malcopro.comformore information.

    ISTOBAL USAThe energy efficientM'NEX 22 automaticfeatures an innovative and attractivedesign. It is available as a friction, hybridor combination. An industry leading listof options, including Internet two waycommunication, dozens of colors andvarious lighting packages make it themost versatile and complete machineon the market!

    ERIE BRUSHErie Brush &Manufacturing Corp. carries afull range of brushes and cloth in both largeand small sizes. It stocks accessories forevery car wash application ranging fromvacuum nozzles to chemicals. Contact Erieat (800) 711-3743, or on the web

    THE DRYER PROSThe Dryer Pros has dryers for every typeof car wash, from in-bay automatics toexpress tunnels and even truck washes.All dryers are available with patentedoptions that enhance performance andreduce operating costs. Contact us at(602) 272-2940 or visit our website

    Put your in bay automatic on the


    Dual Arm Wash System = FasTrak Speed

    Overhead Bridge = Open Inviting Bay

    Zero Degree Wash Technology = Superior Cleaning

    Water Saving Design


    WATERWIZARD FASTRAKThe Water Wizard FasTrak brochurehighlights our latest touch free two-arm bridgedesign automatic system. This revolutionarydesign combines powerful washing withan open and inviting bay that appeals tocustomers. Decrease wash time whileincreasing profits with the Water WizardFasTrak.


    Grand Entrance Arch

    COLEMAN HANNA CARWASHSYSTEMS - GRAND ENTRANCEARCH & HORIZON ARCH SYSTEMThis guide features our eye attracting GrandEntrance Arch and Horizon Arches. TheseLED backlit arches provide a welcomingmessage, modern touch, and additional rev-enue enhancing features. Horizon arches canbe used to rinse, apply foaming conditioners,or apply protectants.


    Gas FiredHeaters


    Car Washes



    Auto Body Shops

    Distribution Centers

    Maintenance Facilities

    Marine Repair Facilities

    heaters stop the chillsand wasted energy that occur when outside bay doors are opened in car washes, industrial plants and distribution centers. The DOORJETs heat surgetempers the in-rushing cold air, keepingemployees working in the area comfortableand saving energy dollars.

    Fully automatic operation You dont have to turn the DOORJET on!Solaronics DOORJETsoperate via a trip switchthat starts the fan andburner automatically as the door is raised. A jet of heated air is directed toward the door instantly. When the door closes, the fan and burner turn off immediately.

    Watertight enclosure: All gasand electrical controls prewiredand sealed

    Fully assembled and factory tested to ensure safe anddependable long life operation

    16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steelcasing with two reinforcing angle rings

    Stainless steel burner baffle

    Heavy duty axial flow fan

    Vertical or angle mounting

    Economical Natural Gas operation: Also LP/Propane and other gaseous fuels options

    550,000 to 950,000 BTUH input ratings to fit most buildings

    Instant heat: No warm-up period required

    Special Jet type burner

    Corrosion resistant manifold

    Hanging holes

    Options: connection for outsideair; inlet air grill

    Mighty blast hot air to maintain employee comfort.Productivity improves. Energy dollars are saved.

    In car wash applications,DOORJET heaters canalso be placed at vehicledrying stations toincrease the efficiency of the drying cycle.

    Easy installation for all door types.Solaronics DOORJETs are installed with the angle of air discharge from vertical to horizontal. Vertical mounting directs the heatstraight down for roll up or straight liftdoors.For conventional doors, horizontal or angledplacement may be utilized. Connections to electrical source, gas supply and door limitswitch complete the installation.

    SOLARONICSAll Stainless Steel Heater stops cold airat open bay doors. The heater resistswet and corrosive environments.Critical components feature stainlesssteel watertight enclosures with all gasand electrical controls pre-wired andsealed. Heaters install easily and canbe mounted vertically or horizontally.Operate economically on natural or LPgas. (800)223-5335 or

    VAUGHAN INDUSTRIESFor over 35 years, Vaughan Industrieshas been a chemical and equipmentinnovator for the car wash industry.Check out our latest innovations on-lineat and/or requesta catalog.

    Call (313) 935-2040 or(855) 425-8071 or

    KLEEN-RITE CORP. ISSUE 56Issue 56 of the Kleen-Rite Catalog is chockfull of all your favorite car wash supplies,equipment and replacement parts. Withover 600 full color pages including anexpanded Automatics & Conveyor section,it truly is your one-stop shop, handyreference guide for car wash operators.Callfor your free copy today and discover thebest for less from your reliable supplier forthe car wash industry!



    Quality, innovation, service, and value arethe fourmain reasons for the tremendousgrowth and success of JBS Industries.We simply deliver higher dilutions, morefragrances, brighter colors, shinier vehi-cle finishes, and cleaner cars. Call ustoday at (888) 745-0720 or visit us onlineat


    SonnysNewBigCarWashCatalogoffersmore for investors and owner/operatorsto choose from!With nearly 900 pages ofnewand retrofitableparts fromover12,000items in inventory including parts for 12other OEMs and a wide selection ofsupplies, were your one stop shop! Oureducation/software products and convey-orized car wash innovations support yourprofitability. Our Systems and SupportEquipmentsectionsandourstate-of-the-artCarWashControl Systems technologywillkeep you in the know and on the go!Order today at

    or call (800) 327-8723.

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    DIAMOND SHINEDiamond Shine is a car wash chemicalmanufacturer dedicated to customerprofitability and performance. Innovativechemistry programs, like Bullseye and 2X,provide cost effective results whilesuperior technical support and dedicatedcustomer service provide an industryleading customer experience. For moreinfo, visit

    STINGER CHEMICALFor over 20 years, Stinger Chemicals hasbeen a leader in the car wash chemicalindustry with our complete lines ofcarwash, automotive detailing chemicalsand protective coatings. Our customersenjoy cutting edge technology that iscost efficient and affordable. We provideproducts for your tunnel, automatic,express, self-serve, or detail applications,and strive to maintain top-notch customerservice that meets and exceeds yourexpectations for quality, value, andperformance.

    1-888-STING-IT (1-888-784-6448)

    SIMONIZUSA, INC.Simoniz is an industry pacesetterpromoting enhanced productivitythrough innovation. Our value equation issimple but powerful one: Innovation +Automation = Profitability! Our uniqueand innovative offerings will energizeyour employees... and build excitementand profits for your Detail Operation.SimonizUSA, Inc., 201BostonTurnpikeBolton,CT06043Toll Free (800) 227-5536

    PREDATOR PRODUCTThe Predator Series is a complete lineof automotive and marine care prod-ucts and are specially designed for theuser. The products are easily handledand applied to the surface of any car,boat or RV.

    Visit our website to viewour complete product line orcall us at (888) 745-0720.

    TELCO SENSORSTelcoSensorshasbeensupplying themostreliable, hardworking and high performingoptical sensor solutions used in automaticvehicle wash systems and carwash doorsfor over 30 years. Longest range, highestsunlight immunity, and best warranty in theindustry.

    Contact us at (800) 253-0111orwww.telcosensors.comfor your free catalog.

    NU-STAR INC.With 50 years in the carwash industry,Nu-Star Inc. continues to provide qualitycarwash systems. Soft touch friction andtouch-free machines offer your customersthewash theydesire. Nu-Star equipment iscompletely hydraulically driven for ease ofmaintenance and the innovative designsmeet theever-changingdemandsof thecarwash industry.Visit us atwww.nustarinc.comorphone:

    (800) 800-WASH.

    ECP Inc.ECP, Inc., one of the oldest and mosttrusted names in chemical research anddevelopment, proudly showcases ourTechnician's Choice line of products.Featuring Appearance, Reconditioning,Prep&ServiceChemicals for automotive,fleet, truck & transportation. Contact usfor al

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