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  • your partner in aeronautics industry


    Farnborough International AirShow


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    09-15 July 2012

    your partner in aeronautics industry



  • Portugal

  • Portugal has expertise in the aerospace sector, including innovative companies recognised internationally for their excellence in civil and military aviation, and installed capabilities that range from engineering to design, manufacturing of components and aerostructures, aviation software development, control tower equipment and airport transport operations.

    This Portuguese aerospace cluster, composed of companies with long and consistent knowledge and skills, is characterised by entrepreneurial initiative and vitality and is achieving impressive results in the global market, demonstrating that its competitiveness is attributable to the sound training of its specialist human resources, its modern, international quality infrastructure and its attractive operating costs.

    Discover with these Portuguese aerospace companies integrated solutions and innovative partnerships for your business, and learn why Portugal is where you should be investing.

    Increase your business, by doing business in Portugal.

  • ORGANIZATION aicep Portugal Global

    PORTUGUESE COMPANIESAeromec M. Aeronaves, S.A.CEIIACouro Azul - Indstria e Comrcio de Couros, S.A.LIFE - Lighter, Integrated, Friendly and Eco-efcient Aircraft Cabin CRITICAL MATERIALSCRITICAL SOFTWAREEDAETECHEEAGMVINCOMPOLISQKRISTALTEKOptimal Structural SolutionsPEMAS - Portuguese Aerospace Industry AssociationSpeed Turtle, Lda.TAP Maintenance & EngineeringTEKEVERUEpro, Lda.






  • Organization

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  • Organization


    aicep Portugal GlobalTrade & Investment Agency

    11 Belgrave SquareLondon SW1X 8PP - UNITED KINGDOMTel: +44 20 7201 6666Fax: +44 20 7201 6633E-mail:

    aicep Portugal Global is a Trade & Investment Agency created to increase the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy through the development and execution of structuring policies and the support to the internationalization of the Portuguese companies, by:

    sPromoting a competitive business environment to attract and assist structuring investment projects; sPromoting Portuguese exports, by increasing the number of exporting companies and encouraging a larger incorporation of technology in their products; sPromoting and spreading the Portuguese economic offer, namely in the area of goods and services; sSupporting the internationalization of Portuguese companies, mainly the small and medium-size ones; sPromoting Portugals image abroad as well as the Portuguese brands.

    aicep Portugal Global Trade & Investment Agency develops its activity supported by a large network of business offices, business units and representations, over the five continents. This network is a key factor to perform the strategy of the Agency as facilitator of business and commercial contacts.

    OPorto Bessa Leite ComplexRua Antnio Bessa Leite, n 1430 24150-074 Porto - PORTUGALTel: +351 226 055 300 Fax: +351 226 055 399E-mail: aicep@portugalglobal.ptWeb:

  • Portuguese Companies

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    Aerdromo Municipal de Cascais, Hangar 6 Tires 2785-632 S. Domingos de Rana - PORTUGALTel.: +351 210 329 000 Fax: +351 210 329 029E-mail: aeromec@aeromec.ptWeb:

    AER OM ECmanut eno de aer onaves

    Aeromec M. Aeronaves, S.A.

    Victor PedrasManaging Director

    Aeromec Mecnica de Aeronaves, S.A. is a maintenance EASA Part 145 company, founded in 1991.

    Our facilities and headquarters at Cascais Airport, has 1200 square meters was built to maintenance support of executive jets.

    In Lisbon, our main Line maintenance station, we support the Airbus 310 and 320 family, including inspections like transit, weekly and A Checks, for several companies that uses Lisbon as its destination.

    Always getting our clients expectations, Aeromec will start building, in July 2012, a modern hangar at Beja civil airport south of Portugal with 7500 square meters. The new hangar will ensure the ability to perform checks A and C in Airbus A310 and A320 family and, in a near future, also to Airbus A330 and A340. Aeromec has his technicians organized with shift teams, which permits to reduce substantially the aircraft downtime.

    The Quality, Safety and Security concerns allied with efficiency, reliability and competitive labour price led Aeromec to become the most successful company in this market segment.

    Please, do not hesitate to visit our Website: to enjoy a fully specialized Aircraft Maintenance Service.

    David SimoMaint & Planning Director

  • Engineering Centre for Mobility IndustriesRua Eng. Frederico Ulrich, 2650 (TECMAIA)4470-605 Maia PORTUGALTel.: +351 220 164 800Fax: +351 220 164 802E-mail: ceiia@ceiia.comWeb:


    Joo Pedro MortguaRotary Wing Programme Manager

    CEIIA is an Innovation and Engineering Centre for Mobility Industries that aims at enhancing competitiveness of mobility through international cooperation between Academia and Industry through development of products and solutions for the global market.

    In collaboration with EEA (Portuguese Aeronautical Engineering Company), CEIIA envisages the development of Portugals aeronautical industry in four key-areas: 1) Structural and design engineering; 2) Advanced experimental testing; 3) Industrial development supply chains for aeronautics; 4) industrial R&D and advanced training.

    CEIIA is the leader of the Portuguese Mobility Cluster and the focal-point for major Technological Programmes currently undertaken in Portugal, addressing a broad range of technical and research activities.


  • Antnio CoelhoAmorim Cork Composites

    Pedro Pereira Set

    Mateus CoutoCouro Azul

    Jos Rui Marcelino Almadesign

    Nuno Correia Inegi

    Luciana Monteiro Embraer


    Couro Azul - Indstria e Comrcio de Couros, S.A.LIFE - Lighter, Integrated, Friendly and Eco-efficient Aircraft Cabin

    LIFE is a Visionary Concept for an innovative executive aircraft cabin focusing on the use of natural and sustainable materials. Combining state of the art technology and natural materials like leather and cork, LIFE presents a vision for a sophisticated, comfortable aircraft cabin with a low environmental footprint.

    The concepts unifying Design language is inspired by natural structures and based on a symbiotic relationship between Natural and Articial elements, providing a harmonious environment where technology is subtly pervasive, not being imposed on the passenger.

    By joining competences from different areas, this initiative was made possible by a consortium of four companies and one R&D institution: Couro Azul (Carvalhos Group); SET (Iberomoldes Group); Amorim Cork Composites (Amorim Group) and INEGI (a Research and Technology Organization). For the project the consortium made a partnership with Embraer (Aircraft anufacturer) and Almadesign (Industrial Design Company) as well as several other technology companies such as Sernis and Caiado with support of PEMAS Portuguese Aerospace Industry Association.

    LIFE was funded by the Portuguese National Strategic Framework Programme (QREN) under the Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors (COMPETE) and European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

    Ponte do Peral, Apartado 70, Gouxaria2384-909 Alcanena - PORTUGALTel.: +351 249 889 050Fax: +351 249 889 069E-mail: life@inegi.up.ptWeb:


    Critical Materials focuses in the development of new solutions and products in the advanced materials field for critical applications as well as a provider for leading edge structural components health monitoring and management systems, with specic solutions for aerospace & defence industry.

    Critical Materials strong investment in R&D in the eld of health monitoring and materials originated new technologies such as the revolutionary VS2 Core Technology powering Critical Materials new agship product: PRODDIA Structural Systems Health Management.

    HTC - Headquarters and Technical Centre, SPINPARK Centro de Incubao de Base TecnolgicaAVEPARK - Zona Industrial da Gandra, Apartado 414806-909 Caldas das Taipas, Guimares - PORTUGALTel.: +351 253 421 032Fax: +351 253 421 033E-mail: info-materials@critical-materials.comWeb:

    Antnio SeiaBusiness Development Manager

    Gustavo DiasCEO


  • 20

    Parque Industrial de Taveiro, Lote 483045-504 Coimbra - PORTUGALTel.: +351 239 989 100Fax: +351 239 989 119E-mail: info@criticalsoftware.comWeb:


    Paulo GuedesAerospace Business Development Manager

    Critical Software specializes in avionics software architecture, system testing and related regulations for the aeronautics civil and military industry. Critical Software has reengineered systems that support new business models such as Availability Based Contracting, and core activities such as Supply Chain Management and Maintenance Repair & Operations. Critical Software also created an end-to-end Integrated Logistic Support solution for eet management. Critical Software has considerable experience with aspects of the Integrated Modular Avionics architecture, such as Arinc 653 and model driven development for safety critical applications. Critical provides specialist consultancy in software development for ight-safe hi


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