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Brewbaker Intermediate


<ul><li> 1. Small Group Instruction </li></ul> <p> 2. Engaging Activities 3. Chunk that Text 4. Collaborative Student Team Building 5. Standards Based Homework Guide 6. Students using Technology! 7. Co-Teaching / Small Group Instruction 8. Collaborative Learning 9. Active Student Engagement 10. Learning Stations 11. Explicit Small Group Instruction 12. Inferences on the Smart Board 13. Small Group Instruction 14. More Small Group Instruction 15. Technology, Technology, Technology!!! 16. Students Engaged through Technology 17. Small Group Instruction using Technology 18. Plate Math 19. Graphic Organizers with Pics 20. Partner Reading 21. Active Student Engagement 22. Caught Being Engaged! 23. Reading and Social Studies Integrated Vocabulary Board 24. Math Strategic Agenda 25. Science Strategic Agenda 26. Reading Strategic Agenda 27. Social Studies Strategic Agenda 28. Math and Science Strategic Agenda 29. Math and Science Strategic Agenda 30. Kudos Brewbaker Intermediate!!!! Keep up the outstanding work!!! </p>