Causes & consequences of garbage

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<ul><li> 1. B.C.C.A S INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTSTUDIES PROJECT ON:- ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT THEME:CAUSES &amp; CONSEQUENCES OF GARBAGE F.Y.B.M.S- B GUIDED BY- PROF. SMITA S</li></ul> <p> 2. ROLL NO NAME OF MEMBERS ROLL NONAMEOF MEMBERS85MUDASSIR SHAMSI 93HINA86SABIR 83FARHEEN75TALHA 74SULEMAN91SABA ANSARI 84RAMEESA92AYESHA73ZIBRAN71INAM94MEHVISH81ALI 82SHEEBA PATEL72NAMEERA 47SHAZIA 3. WHAT IS GARBAGE?Garbage is the most unavoidable by-product of mosthuman activity ,it is something which is left behind and isof no use. 4. TYPES OF GARBAGEGARBAGEBIOSOLID MUNICIPAL HAZARDOUS ELECTRONICMEDICAL 5. MUNICIPAL GARBAGEHOUSEHOLD GARBAGE BIO MEDICAL WASTE ELECTRONIC GARBAGE 6. WHAT NEWS SAY Increase in diseases due to increase in garbage all over indiaNews paper articleshowing the increase ingarbage at the beachesin the last few years... 7. PRECAUTIONS TAKEN BY THE SOCIETYEfforts taken by themedical students from ahospital at sionSupported byEnvironmentalistsNusrat and Afzalkhatri 8. GARBAGE MENAGEMENT INPRINCE ALY KHAN HOSPITAL MAZGAON ,MUMBAI 9. Yellow bag(blood bags Red bag(gloves ,ryles ,discarded medicinestubes ,IV sets ,etc.) ,etc)Black bag(all non Puncture proofinfected wastes) container(scissors ,blades ,etc.) 10. MEASURES TAKEN BY M.C.G.MDumping of garbage(Deonar dumpingCollection of garbage ground) 11. PROPER MANAGEMENTProper management &amp; disposal of garbage can beeffectively made if we make proper emphasis on the 7Rs... RETHINK REFUSE REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE REGULATE RESEARCH 12. COLLECTION OF GARBAGE BY M.C.G.M 13. DNA-CITY (November 5 12) HINDUSTAN TIMES (November 1 &amp; 2 12) RESEARCHS ON ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION STUDIES- PICTURES FROM-INTERNET SOURCES,CAMERA CLICKS,NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS -Dr. Hemant Pednekar &amp; Sachin Pendse. -Smita Salunke &amp; Mohan C.</p>