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Causes of World War Two. Treaty of Versailles Hitler’s Imperialistic Ambitions and Violation of the Treaty of Versailles The Great Depression The Rise of Fascism The Policy of Appeasement Failure of the League of Nations. Treaty Of Versailles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Causes of World War Two

Causes of World War TwoTreaty of VersaillesHitlers Imperialistic Ambitions and Violation of the Treaty of VersaillesThe Great DepressionThe Rise of FascismThe Policy of AppeasementFailure of the League of Nations

1Treaty Of VersaillesDocument that laid out the terms of peace between Germany and The Allies (winners)

This was a dictated peace treaty to Germanythey had no say!

2Germany forced to Sign TreatyGermany signed June 28 1919

Allies Threatened to resume the fight!

3Was the Treaty TOO Harsh?Economy in ruinsMassive inflationCould not make payments

Territory changes Different ethnic groups combinedMany left without homelandFeelings of nationalism unchecked

4Treaty of Versailles created Hostility in GermanyWeimar Government blamed for treaty termsStab in the Back Myth

Loss of German territory, population, and prideRhineland

32 Billion $ Reparations devastates the economy

Created hostility towards Minorities = Jewish

5The Devastation of the Great DepressionThe Depression forced the Allied countries to focus on getting themselves out of economic trouble

Allied NationsFrance, Great Britain, US

Germany able to defy treaty terms and focus on imperialistic ambitions because the Allied countries were distracted

6The Rise of FascismThe panic of the 1930s caused many people to look for new political partiesSeveral charismatic leaders promised solutions to the suffering and incompetent leaders

Rome Berlin AxisItaly and Germany wanted to work together to expand empires

7Lebensraum- Living SpaceHitlers plan to gain living space for Germansre incorporate ethnic German populations into GermanyAustriaSudetenland Poland

8Germany Violates the Terms of The Treaty of Versailles

Between 1933-1935 Hitler began re-armament1935 Mandatory Conscription1936 Germany occupied the Rhineland1938 Germany joins with Austria1938 Germany occupies SudetenlandA territory populated by ethnic Germans given to Czechoslovakia at the Paris Peace Conference

9Policy of AppeasementAppeasement is giving into demands to avoid war

France, Britain, and the US wanted to avoid any confrontationStill weak from the Great DepressionFeel bad for the harsh treatment of Germany after WWIThought Hitler was a reasonable leaderFear another war

10Appeasement and the Munich Agreement 1938Munich Conference France, Britain, US tried to negotiate with HitlerAfter Hitler threatened to invade the Sudetenland

Hitler promised that he would only take the SudetenlandNeville Chamberlain announced to the world that they have secured peace for our time


12Nazi Soviet Aggression PactGermany wanted to invade Poland but this would be seen as an act of war towards the Soviet Union

Hitler and Joseph Stalin August 1939Both countries signed a pact to not fight each other if one of them went to warAgreed to divide Poland Hitler free to invade Poland

13Failures of the League of NationsLeague of Nations was supposed to help maintain world peace but it was too weakMajor powers did not support the league

Could impose economic sanctions BUT the league had no military to oppose an aggressorNations refused to disrupt trade with economic sanctions

Many nations chose the policy of isolationism rather than intervention

14Declaration Of WarSeptember 1st 1939 Germany invades PolandBritain and France order Germany out by September 3rd

September 3rd 1939 France and Britain declare war



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