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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 1/17</p><p>Submitted To :</p><p>Prof. Sarika Tandon</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 2/17</p><p>INTRODUCTIONProblem Statement:</p><p> New Car Buyer Behaviour - Quantifying Key Stages &amp; Activities in theConsumer Buying Process.</p><p>Research Objectives: Managing demand.</p><p> Understanding influences on timing</p><p>of purchase decisions.</p><p>Validate current positions on consumer</p><p>behaviour.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 3/17</p><p>Questionnaire Design</p><p>To design the buying behaviour of consumer.</p><p> The respondents were asked to give the preferenceabout the brand they want.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 4/17</p><p>Sample Characteristics</p><p>Sample consisted of the customers of five CAR companies in Indiaviz. VW,Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra</p><p> These cars were selected, as they are representative of the majorsegments in the car industry from full fare to low priced cars.</p><p> Targeted sample size was 40 per car, and achieved sizes were as follows.</p><p>Table 1</p><p>Car (Brand) wise Composition of Sample</p><p>NO Company Obtained numberof samples</p><p>1 VW 39</p><p>2 Maruti 40</p><p>3 Hyundai 35</p><p>4 Tata 38</p><p>5 Mahindra 36</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 5/17</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 6/17</p><p>DATA ANALYSIS &amp; RESULTS</p><p>The statistical analyses used were ANOVA, Regressionanalysis, Factor analysis.</p><p> Analysis of research data used the level of significance, a =</p><p>0.05.</p><p>The objective of this study was to examine customerperception of service quality.</p><p> ANOVA was performed and the result showed a significant</p><p>difference among the five car companies in India viz. VW,</p><p>Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 7/17</p><p>Testing for Significance: FTest</p><p> The Ftest is used to determine whether a significantrelationship exists between the dependent variable and theset of all the independent variables.</p><p> The Ftest is referred to as the test for overall significance.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 8/17</p><p>Testing for Significance: FTest</p><p> Hypotheses</p><p>H0:1 =2 = . . . =p = 0</p><p>Ha: One or more of the parameters</p><p>is not equal to zero.</p><p> Rejection Rule</p><p>Reject H0 ifF &gt; F</p><p>where F is based on an F distribution withp d.f. in</p><p>the numerator and n -p - 1 d.f. in the denominator.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 9/17</p><p> As adjusted square is 0.004, it implies that 0.4% of variance ofthe dependent variable is explained by independent variable.</p><p>As R= 0.182, it explains a very weak correlation.</p><p>H0:1 =2 = . . . =p = 0</p><p>Ha: One or more of the parameters</p><p>is not equal to zero.</p><p>p = 0.285p= .05</p><p>Since p &gt; p we accept the null hypothesis and our model isnot good.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 10/17</p><p>Testing for Significance: tTest</p><p> Hypotheses</p><p>H0:i = 0</p><p>Ha:i = 0</p><p> Rejection RuleReject H0 ift &lt; t or t &gt; t</p><p>where tis based on a t distribution with</p><p>n -p - 1 degrees of freedom.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 11/17</p><p>H0:i = 0Ha:i = 0</p><p>p = 0.000</p><p>p &lt; .05</p><p>Since p &lt; 0.05, we reject the null hypothesis.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 12/17</p><p>K.M.O Test</p><p> If two variables share a common factor with othervariables, their partial correlation (aij) will be small,indicating the unique variance they share.</p><p> Used to measure sampling adequacy.</p><p> This index is used to measure the appropriateness of thetest .</p><p> High values (.5 1) means factor analysis is adequate.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 13/17</p><p>Interpretation of the KMO as characterized by</p><p>Kaiser, Meyer, and Olkin</p><p>KMO Value Degree of Common Variance</p><p>0.90 to 1.00 Marvelous</p><p>0.80 to 0.89 Meritorious</p><p>0.70 to 0.79 Middling</p><p>0.60 to 0.69 Mediocre</p><p>0.50 to 0.59 Miserable</p><p>0.00 to 0.49 Don't Factor </p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 14/17</p><p>Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling adequacy 0.524</p><p>Barletts Test of Sphericity Approx. Chi Square 79.957</p><p>df 28</p><p>Significance 0.0000</p><p>KMO and Bartletts Test</p><p>Since the value of KMO is 0.524, therefore it implies that</p><p>the degree of variance is very bad, in fact the variables do</p><p>not factor with the other variables.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 15/17</p><p>Limitations</p><p> The findings of this study are limited to the behaviour of the consumer</p><p>towards car in India.</p><p> This study has not considered industry measures to measure service quality.</p><p> We have measured only the customer perception of service quality.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 16/17</p><p>Conclusion</p><p> Timing of orders &amp; delivery bias towards weekends</p><p> Fridays for collectionSaturdays for order</p><p>supports dealer research</p><p> Differences between men &amp; women</p><p>females less willing to wait</p><p>reference growth in female motorists &amp; change in</p><p> relative influence &amp; role</p><p> Information Sources</p><p>Dealer still critical</p><p> Friend, Brochure, Magazine4 different sources of information</p><p> growth of internet now nearly 20%</p><p> Research suggests that the consumer demand for a Car would bestrong</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 CB Towards Car Buying</p><p> 17/17</p></li></ul>