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A presentation by Dr Gareth Old of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) on monitoring work at the CEH River Lambourn Observatory and research into chalk river systems.


  • 1.CEH RIVER LAMBOURN OBSERVATORY Dr Gareth Old A. House, C. Stratford, C. Roberts, J. Sorensen, D. Gooddy, A. Newell, B. Marchant, O. Mountford, P. Scarlett, R. Ponnambalam, P. Williams and J. Chambers

2. CHALK STREAMS High quality designated habitat; diverse ecology Stable flows, clear waters, constant temperature, and low nutrients/sediments Long time ago very different! Current chalk streams are heavily modified Return to pristine landscape not possible Management is a challenge 3. Monthly Flow Values, Boxford 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 Jul 08 Aug 08 Sept 08 Oct 08 Nov 08 Dec 08 Jan 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Apr 09 May 09 Jun 09 Cumec Winter Period Peak flow BOXFORD FLOW REGIME 4. Widespread agricultural systems: 18th C Managed water levels (SW and GW) : soil moisture, temp. and fertility Widespread abandonment in 20th C Many now recognised as important GDEs Concern in WFD - vulnerable to environmental change Many are now degrading: restore/conserve WATER MEADOWS 5. BOXFORD WATER MEADOW 6. Desmoulins whorl snail MG8 veg community Designated SSSI and SAC Condition assessment: Scrub is beginning to encroach will need to be addressed shortly to avoid site becoming unfavourable. Natural England July 2008 7. RESEARCH: HYDROLOGICAL FUNCTIONING Survey and monitor to model the site Developed new non-invasive techniques Conceptual and numerical Inform management, monitoring and enable assessment of scenarios 8. TOPOGRAPHY 9. SUBSURFACE GEOLOGY Manual probing Borehole logs Electro resistivity tomography 10. METEOROLOGICAL INPUTS 11. GROUNDWATER INPUTS Temperature and chemistry 12. GROUNDWATER INPUTS 13. INFLUENCE OF THE RIVER 14. RIVER DISCHARGE 15. GROUNDWATER LEVELS 16. GROUNDWATER LEVELS 17. CONCLUDING REMARKS CEH River Lambourn Observatory Monitoring and surveying Non-invasive, low cost and rapid Information versus investment Conceptual and numeric model development Test scenarios Results and methods: applicable to other sites