celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes

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Celebrate eco friendly Holi with Holi images and Holi wishes

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Page 1: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes

Celebrate eco friendly Holi with Holi images and Holi wishes

Page 2: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes
Page 3: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes
Page 4: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes

Ideally, the joyous pageant of Holi is supposed to celebrate the arrival of Spring whereas the colours utilized in Holi area unit to mirror of the varied hues of spring season. however sadly, in present time Holi doesn't symbolize all things stunning. Like numerous different festivals, Holi too has become ruthlessly commercial, boisterous and yet one more supply of environmental degradation. To de-pollute Holi and build it in set with nature, because it is meant to be, many social and environmental teams area unit proposing a come to additional natural ways in which of celebrating Holi.

Page 5: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes

The aim of this articles is to get awareness amongst folks regarding the varied harmful effects around Holi celebrations Associate in Nursingd encourage folks to celebrate an eco friendly Holi!

Please browse on to understand regarding the 3 main environmental issues around Holi -

The use of ototoxic chemical colors.

The use of wood for burning Holi fires.

The wasteful use of water throughout Holi.

1. Harmful Effects of Chemical colors

In earlier times once pageant celebrations weren't such a lot commercial Holi colours were ready from the flowers of trees that blossomed throughout spring, like the Indian erythrina (parijat) and also the Flame of the Forest (Kesu), each of that have bright red flowers. These {and several|and a number of different|and several other} other blossoms provided the stuff from that the good reminder Holi colors were created. Most of those trees conjointly had healthful properties and Holi colours ready from them were truly useful to the skin.

Over the years, with the disappearance of trees in urban areas and larger stress for higher profits these natural colors came to get replaced by industrial dyes factory-made through chemical processes.

Around 2001, 2 environmental teams known as Toxics Link and Vatavaran, primarily based in metropolis, did a study on all the 3 offered classes of colors offered within the market - pastes, dry colors and water colors. The study discovered that each one of those 3 types of chemical Holi colours area unit venturous.

According to their researched reality sheet on Holi, the pastes contain terribly ototoxic chemicals that may have severe health effects. Please check the table below to understand regarding the chemical utilized in numerous Holi colours and their harmful effects on bod.

Harmful Chemicals in Gulal

The dry colors, unremarkably called gulals, have 2 parts – a colourant that's ototoxic and a base that may be either amphibole or silicon dioxide, each of that cause health issues. serious metals contained within the colourants will cause respiratory disorder, skin diseases and adversely have an effect on the eyes.

Harms of Wet Holi colours.Wet colors, principally use antifungal agent as a color concentrate which may cause skin dis-colouration and eczema.

Page 6: Celebrate eco friendly holi with holi images and holi wishes

These days, Holi colors area unit sold-out loosely, on the roads, by tiny traders United Nations agency typically don't recognize the supply. Sometimes, the colors are available in boxes that specifically say ‘For industrial use only’.

For those that don't have the time to create their own colors, there's the selection of shopping for natural Holi colors. many teams area unit currently manufacturing and promoting such colors, though it's vital to verify the ingredients of the colors and make sure you recognize enough regarding the supply.

2. The Holi fire

The burning of fuel wood to form the fire for Holika Dahan presents another serious environmental downside. in keeping with a news story, studies exhausted the state of Gujarat reveal that every fire uses around one hundred kilo of wood, and considering that about thirty,000 bonfires area unit lit within the state of Gujarat only for one season, this results in a wastage of a staggering quantity of wood.

Groups like Sadvichar Parivar area unit currently advocating one symbolic community fireplace, instead of many smaller bonfires across the town as how to cut back wood consumption. Others are suggesting that these fires be lit victimisation waste product instead of wood.

3. A Dry Holi?

In the current state of affairs, once most cities in Republic of India face acute water inadequacy, the wasteful use of water throughout Holi, is additionally being questioned. it's common for folks to douse one another with buckets of water throughout Holi, and youngsters typically resort to throwing water balloons at one another. the thought of a dry Holi looks alien initially, particularly because the climate becomes hotter around Holi, and also the water provides welcome relief from the warmth. However, considering that in some urban areas, voters will go while not water for many days, it looks wasteful to use such a lot water merely for a celebration.

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