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  • Celtic Creatures & Nordic Nightmares i

    Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares and all associated books (The Grimoire of Game Rules, The Tome of Terrors, The Lexicon of Lore, The Manual of Mythology, The Monsters of the Mediterranean, and The Handbook of House Rules) are Copyright 1996-2003 by LoreWeaver. All rights reserved. You may make unlimited electronic copies of this book and may print out individual copies for your own personal use; provided the work is copied in its entirety and you make no alterations to its content. You may make limited numbers of hard copies at a printing service (no more than 5 copies at a time), provided said printing service does not otherwise act as a publishing house and provided said printing service charges fees for the copies that are commensurate with its general copying services. You may be reimbursed by the recipients of those copies for the copy fees, but may not otherwise charge those recipients any amount over this cost.

    In other words, if you try to sell this book for profit, well sue the pants off of you. On the other hand, if you are a publishing house that wants to sell this book for profit, get a hold of us and well talk turkey. (Note: If youre one of those publishing houses that charges its writers for the privilege of having you publish their books, dont even bother asking. Real publishers pay writers, not the other way around.)

    All characters are fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

    LoreWeaver intends to protect its interests in this game to the full extent of the law. However, it does not intend

    to hinder free discussion concerning the game or its contents. If you wish to create, produce, and/or publish a Legendary Quest supplement (book, module, etc.) or other derivative work, please send an explanatory e-mail to loreweaver@legendaryquest.com for terms and conditions. (Well be reasonable if you will.)

    Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares, The Grimoire of Game Rules, The Manual of Mythology, The Tome of Terrors, and Legendary Quest are trademarks of LoreWeaver, a business based in Albuquerque, NM.

    Any questions or comments about this book or Legendary Quest should be directed to loreweaver@legendaryquest.com. Or, if you prefer, visit us at our website at www.legendaryquest.com.

    Most of the illustrations in this book are selected woodcuts, drawings, and etchings taken from old artisans (such as the famous woodcut master Albrect Drer). However, some of the drawings of the various faery races (elves, dwarves, orcs, and nymphs) were created in modern times by Matthias Buerle. As their creator, Matthias Buerle retains all rights to his works but has allowed us to incorporate them with the same copyright restrictions described above. If you like Matthias's work and would like to contract his talents for your own commercial venture, feel free to contact him at Alerionh@alerionh.de.

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  • Acknowledgements ii

    Celtic Creatures & Nordic Nightmares ii

    A game as well developed as Legendary Quest could not exist exclusively from the writing and playtesting of only a few authors. Consequently, many wonderful suggestions came from others deserving tremendous credit.

    Matt "the Orc" Ault, David "Run Away" Bailey, Justin "BAMF" Bailey, Bill "Silver Tongue" Beezley, James "the Thief" Bockmon, Blake "Axe-Man" Brandt, Bob Brown, Mike "the Original" Brown, Dan Eeepster Budd, Marlin Sheep-wielder Burt, Dan "Paranoid" Coppersmith, Gregg "Bundyman" Fiehler, Howard "Horseshoe" Hampton, Rich Shakespear Higgason, Tom "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" Hildrich, Darren Private Eye Hinesley, Melissa "Cat Burglar" Kirk, Andy "Please pass the" Mayo, Jason "I've got 5th level Fire Darts!" McDowell, Charles "Parasite" Nickell, Mike Clavdivs Patrick, Ben "Tyrone" Rhodes, Job "you killed my horse!" Roberts, Sherry "the Wench" Steinberg, Curt "the Evil" Suddarth, Mike "Archmage" Valet, Genevive Warden, Paul "the Oppressor" White, and Karl Frankenstein Winters contributed years of playing and playtesting Legendary Quest. Thanks go to them for their efforts.

    We must also thank John Gunsmith Coulborn for his research and suggestions on medieval arms and armor and for introducing us to the wargaming aspects of fantasy role-playing. Without him, we would not have a fine system of detailed combat rules.

    A special salute goes to the co-authors of Legendary Quests other two books: The Grimoire of Game Rules and The Lexicon of Lore. Denys Crafty Carrico-Bockmon, Mike Squid Patrick, and Leroy the Eccentric Hills.

    To all the others who have played and enjoyed Legendary Quest for only a short time, thank you for all the much needed support and enthusiasm.

    For those neglected in these acknowledgements, please forgive our forgetfulness. Be assured the oversight was not intentional. In the rush to complete this work, much could have easily eluded us in the last moments before the final printing.

    John Kirk

    Mark Chester

  • Table of Contents 1

    Celtic Creatures & Nordic Nightmares 1

    Introduction 2 Monster Layout 3

    Habitat: 3 Life Style: 3 Wealth Type: 3 Alignment: 3 Cunning: 3 Speed: 3 Strength: 3 Size: 4 Special Characteristics: 4 Origin: 4 Recovery Time: 4 Combat Level: 4 Attack Modes: 4 Dam/Attack: 4 Attack Bonus: 4 Defense: 4 Absorption: 4 Damage Tolerance: 5 E.P. Value: 5 Description: 5

    The Bestiary 6 Amphiptere 6 Amphisbaena 7 Angel of Death 8 Ankou 9 Apparition, Repeating 10 Apple-Tree Man 11 Ash Tree (Uinsinn) 12 Banshee 14 Bauchan 14 Birch Tree Spirit 15 Boogy-Man 16 Bugbear (Bwg) 17 Buggane 18 Buttery Spirit 19 Changeling 20 Chimera, Heraldic 20 Cockatrice 21 Dog, Black 23 Doppelganger 23 Drac 25 Dragon, Heraldic 26 Drasil 27 Elder Tree 29 Ellyl 30 Ettin (Etin) 30 Fauchan 32 Firbolg 32 Firedrake 33 Fomorian 34 Galley Beggar 36 Gargouille 37 Gargoyle 37 Ghost, Headless 41 Giant, Cloud 42 Giant, Cornish 42 Giant, Fire 43 Giant, Frost 44 Giant, Highland 44 Giant, Stone 45 Giant, 2-Headed 46

    Glaistig 47 Greyff 48 Griffin, Heraldic 48 Guivre 49 Hags 51 Harpy, Heraldic 55 Hazel Tree 56 Headless Horseman 57 Hellhound 58 Horse, Fairy 59 Imp 60 Incubus 61 Jackdaw (Crow) 63 Jack-o-Lantern 64 Jotun 65 Kelpie 67 Kirk Grim 68 Knocker 69 Kraken 70 Lamia 71 Leprechaun 71 Leshiye 72 Lich 74 Lindwurm 75 Lion, Winged 76 Mermaid 78 Merrow 79 Nightmare 80 Nixie 81 Oakman 83 Ogre 83 Ogre, 2-Headed 85 Owl, Giant 86 Phantom 87 Phantom Head 87 Phouka 88 Pixie 89 Puk 90 Ratwife 92 Rowan Tree 93 Rusalka 94 Salamander 96 Screaming Skull 97 Sea Lion, Heraldic 98 Selkie 98 Sleipnir 99 Snow Queen 100 Spider, Gleaming Red 102 Spriggan 102 Sprite 103 Hyter Sprite 104 Pillywiggin 104 Spunkie 105 Swan Knight, Maiden, Woman 105 Tarasque 108 Tatzlwurm 109 Taxim 110 Tiger, Heraldic 111 Tree of Ghostly Dread 111 Troll, Dwarfish (Trow) 112 Henke 115 Sith 115 Trolls 116

    Huldra 122 Skogsra 122 Unicorn, Heraldic 124 Utburd 125 Valkyrie 126 Valraven 127 Vampire 127 Vodyany 129 Warg 131 Were-Bear 131 Were-Boar 132 Were-Leopard 134 Were-Owl 135 Werewolf 136 White Lady 137 White Stag 138 Wight 139 Wild Huntsman 140 Will-o-Wisp 141 Will-o-Wyke 142 Willow Tree 143 Wraith 144 Wyrm 145 Wyvern 147 Yggr 149

    Bestiary Tables 150 Complete Bestiary List 150 Aerial Creatures 151 Angels, Demons, & Devils 151 Arctic Creatures 151 Arthurian/Heraldic/Medieval 151 Beautiful Humanoids 152 Canines 153 Black Forest Dwellers 153 Celtic Creatures 154 City Dwellers 154 Cloud Dwellers 155 Combinatorial Creatures 155 Dragons 155 Earth Dwellers 156 Enchanted Forest Dwellers 156 Equestrian Creatures 156 Faery Creatures 156 Felines 157 Fire Breathers 157 Forest Dwellers 157 Fresh Water Creatures 158 Giants 158 Good-Aligned Creatures 158 Heraldic Creatures 158 Mountain Dwellers 159 Nocturnal Creatures 159 Nordic Creatures 160 Plains Dwellers 160 Powerful Spellcasters 161 Reptilian/Amphibian Creatures 161 Repulsive Creatures 161 Sea Dwellers 162 Sewer Dwellers 162 Shape Changers 162 Slavonic Creatures 162 Swamp Dwellers 163 Undead Creatures 163

  • Introduction to the Bestiary 2

    Celtic Creatures & Nordic Nightmares 2


    The entirety of this book is reference material for the game of Legendary Quest. More specifically, it is a reference book for the game referee, or Overlord. If your intentions do not include acting as a game referee, you have no need to purchase this volume. In fact, owning it may diminish your fun as many of the mysteries of the game are explained here in detail. On the other hand, if you do intend to take on the role of Overlord, this volume will prove invaluable.

    This book assumes that you already own copies of The Grimoire of Game Rules, The Lexicon of Lore, and The Manual of Mythology. The Tome of Terrors is also highly recommended. The Grimoire contains all of the basic rules governing character generation and combat. The Lexicon and The Manual contain Legendary Quests two distinct magic systems. Finally, The Tome provides basic monsters along with detailed descriptions of the various character races.

    Assuming you meet all the stated criteria, you are in for a treat. Of all the Legendary Quest supplements written to date, this one is my personal favorite. The reason is that it is the first to harness all of the various aspects of the game (combat, magic, folklore, and mythology) to immerse the players in an authentic and flavorful universe. From one perspective, this book is nothing more than a catalog of monsters. However, the beasts presented in this volume are all taken from Celtic, Nordic, and Slavonic lands. These three mythologies were selected as common source material because, throughout European history, these three religions evolv