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Presented by: Brigitte Barrett-Johnston and Tom Voigt


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SMESmackingNoTimeNoMoneyAngryBosses$100$100$100$100$200$200$200$200$300$300$300$300$400$400$400$4004Instructional DesignJEOPARDYPresented byBrigitte Barrett-JohnstonTom VoigtThe Nielsen CompanyModify the Scope

Change the planned delivery dates accordinglyDo not reinforce SMEs by adjusting planned deliverable dates youll never win!Monday 8:00 a.m.

Scene: Your boss office

Your boss says:This is a HOT issue. You need to produce these tutorials THIS WEEK!

13A client has recently approached you with a dilemma I have 200 employees across the company who need training on a new software product were rolling out in one month.

I do not have the budget to send 200 of my employees to Chicago for training. What should I do?21What you should have done in the first place:Manage SME Expections

Do a detailed Scope documentGet signed acknowledgementGet signed Storyboard approvalDocument all changes

Your SME is supposed to review your storyboard and give signed approval but he/she hasnt responded in over two weeks!7Your boss calls you into his/her office and says, Joe Client had an urgent training need and you failed to meet his/her deliverable deadline.

15The training department at your company has recently been reorganized. Your client informs you that there are not enough trainers available to visit clients for on-site training sessions. The client asks, how will I be certain my employees receive education on this important new module?23The boss demos your project and it crashes.

31A new product is being released and online training support has been requested. The only source materials are the sales presentations. The product launch is in two weeks.17According to the Director of Curriculum, many of the tutorials within our Learning Management System are out-of-date and need updating.How do we accomplish this task of updating the outdated content on our LMS (learning management system) without the budget?25You just completed a tutorial in Camtasia. Your boss says, the color scheme is awful it has to be changed.

What do you do?

33The SME reveals:You know, our content is changing all the time as new corporate initiatives are implemented. Well need to update this content frequently.

11Your boss tells you our newest client cant wait 12 weeks to produce a tutorial! We need to impress them with something HOT within a month!How toMake An Impression19You have been contacted by your Human Resources Representative We have several new employees at our company who need to learn more about the organization. In the past, we have sent these new employees to our different offices across the globe to learn more about the company. Unfortunately, our employees can no longer travel internationally to receive this in-person training. How can I be certain these new teams get a global perspective on the organization without the option to travel? 27What was the worse, most challenging, and/or frustrating training development situation youve faced? How did you handle it?35