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  • 1. Defusing Landmines in eLearning Projects 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 1
  • 2. Event Vision The purpose of todays event is to: Provide a forum for eLearning professionals in the Chicago area to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. Create a space where event participants can view the latest eLearning technology products and get to know local eLearning supplier/partners. Create a community of eLearning professionals who work together on eLearning projects. 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 2
  • 3. Session Objectives At the end of this session you will be able to: List common issues that can sidetrack an eLearning project Use a list of scoping questions to assess potential issues before the project starts Facilitate a project kick-off meeting that sets appropriate team member expectations Use tracking and communication techniques to address issues before they blow-up 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 3
  • 4. Please Participate Interactive presentation Discussion points noted along the way Learn from our collective scars Its about our community of practice 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 5. eLearning Landmines Well discuss four common types of landmines: Course delivery (LMS) SME time Revisions Scope creep 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 5
  • 6. Course Delivery Story One of my worst days ever! Project: IBM Partner Training 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 7. Course Delivery: Lessons Learned Test the delivery platform (LMS) early in the development process Load a prototype in the LMS Test on target audience computer or similar Focus on items that may stop or distort the course Firewalls Corporate IT policies OS, browsers, screen resolution Resolve any issues you find early in the course development process 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 7
  • 8. SME Time Stories . Tell us about this incident and what you think caused the problem. 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 9. SME Time: Lessons Learned Common misunderstanding: SMEs dont realize how much of their time is required to develop a solid eLearning course. 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 9
  • 10. SME Time: Lessons Learned Explain the options for gathering and revising content and the risks with each method You read, research & interview/SME reviews & revises SME writes/You revise & reformat Do NOT expect the SME to be the eLearning designer Based on the selected method, explain the time you need from the SME early and often Initial development Reviews and verification When youre not getting what you need, discuss: Issues and possible resolutions with SME Options with management and/or stakeholders 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 10
  • 11. Revision Stories Two New System Training Projects For both, the cost was double the estimate How many times do we go back and forth? Newtons Cradle 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 12. Revisions: Lessons Learned When you have more than one or two reviewers: Appoint a decision-maker to consolidate revisions into one list. Hold a revision discussion meeting to make decisions about which revisions will be made. Keep your revision cycles and versions clear. When working with unstable content, consider delaying the project start until the content stabilizes. Make sure you discuss the cost of the revisions (time & money) and gain agreement from managers and stakeholders. 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 12
  • 13. Scope Creep Story Project: 18 Lesson Healthcare Curriculum This issue affects over half our eLearning projects 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 14. Scope Creep: Lessons Learned Compare scope to current status regularly Determine the root cause of the scope creep Course length/amount of content Content changes/revision cycles Level of interactivity or media Review issue with stakeholder ASAP Present problem in factual, data-driven manner Offer options to increase time, money, change deliverables, or better control project elements Agree and communicate action plan to team members 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC 14
  • 15. Your Turn Raise your hand if you want to provide a tip for dealing with one of these potential landmines: Course Delivery (LMS) SME Time Revisions Scope Creep 2011 BlueStreak Learning, LLC
  • 16. Scoping eLearning Projects Six types of items to assess Stakeholders/Owners & Results The Needed most important way to defuse landmines iseLearningthe right & Previous to ask Experience Expectations questions before you start the project Targetplan according to the and Audience and Course Delivery answers you get. Existing Content Course Development/Production Read over the first 1 pages of the handout. What que