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  • 1. Gothic Art Ch. 18


  • Vasari a writer during the Renaissance described Gothic Art was monstrous and barbarous invented by Goths
  • Downfall of Rome? Ugly and Crude
  • Downfall of Art? 13 and 14 thCenturies all the rage was Goth Art!
  • Started in France in 1140 then Prague and Czech Republic- Islamic and Byzantine Art still popular at this time
  • Gothic art is a distortion of the Classical Style

3. What was going on during this time?

  • 100 year war- 1137 shattered peace between France and England
  • 14 thCentury- great plague-quarter of its people dead
  • Great Schism- opposing popes resided in Rome and in Avignon ( southern France)
  • Time for knights, maidens, Crusades, Kings, Queens

4. St. Denis France 1140

  • Symbol of Royalty
  • Longer nave arcade
  • Ambulatory & Radiating chapels

5. Rib vaulting- crossed- diagonal arches under its groins, shaping of the vault is easy, less buttressing needed, vaults taller= higher churches and open walls leave room for stained glass. 6. Chartes Cathedral -1134 7.

  • Massive west towers
  • Royal Portals Kings/ Queens
  • 3 Doorways
  • Jamb sculptures Old Testament Kings & Queens
  • majesty of power, cult of virgin Mary, mother of
  • Christ, Zodiac Symbols, 1-2 apostles

8. Laon Cathedral Laon France 1190 9. 10. The Catholic Church, how was money raised for these churches?

  • Indulges pardons for sins committed
  • Chartes cathedral burnt down in 1194(27 years to rebuild)
  • Townspeople drove the Bishop into exile

11. Notre Dame 12.

  • Notre- Dame Louis the VI (aka The Fat)1130 Moved to Paris
  • Bldg Boom
  • Sexpartie ribvaultingcovered nave
  • Oculus = small window
  • Churches burned down frequently in the middle ages
  • Money was raised for money war plague

13. Rose Windows in Chartes 14. Flying Buttresses- to hold thiner & taller walls slender fingers holding walls up 15. Chartes Jamb sculptures 16. Guilds in Belgium

  • Hall of the Cloth Guild Bruges Belgium
  • Wealthy

17. Figures based on Geometric Shapes Honnecourt 1220-1235ce 18. God as Architect of the World, 18-30

  • Mixing of worlds together, building

19. Blanche of Castile Louis IX, Bible 1126 20. Abraham and the 3 angels 1253 ink, gold leaftempera on vellum 21. Virgin of Jeann d EvreuxFrance 1339