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    Welcome to the Pesachedition of our everpopular journal. Asusual there are highlights, andregretfully disappointments.

    Several clubs have closed,and I would like to thank theirchairs and committees formaking the effort to save theirbranches.

    I am frankly surprised thatCockfosters club, who havebeen so capably run by JerryGreenberg and his late wife forso many years, and who havea regular attendance of over40, could not find onevolunteer to take on theresponsibility of Chairman.Without volunteer helpers theorganisation cannot continue,so my message to allmembers is to support yourchair in every way possible.

    We have a new deputyChairman, Per Simonsson,who is shadowing me closely,and he has his ownprogramme on how torevitalise JACS. Usingmodern communicationmethods, Per is updating ourwebsite completed it will show

    all the clubs' programmesso that anyone can refer to itand see exactly theprogrammes which are onoffer. Don't forget that onceyou are member of JACS, youare entitled to visit any cluband only pay their entrancefee. By referring to the website you can see an attractivechoice of programmes, andvisit both a Wednesday cluband a Thursday one.

    By now you will be familiarwith the details of theforthcoming May holiday inEastbourne, and Barbara and Ilook forward to welcoming oldand new friends.

    On the 10 June there is goingto be a performance of theopera Carmen. Some of theclubs have already heard theirprincipal singer, BronwenStevens, and this should be avery exciting afternoon.

    The venue is the WoodsidePark Synagogue and furtherdetails can be obtained fromGloria Holman, the Chair ofWoodside Park club.

    Barbara and I have attendedsix birthday parties formembers who have celebratedtheir 100th birthday, and wewere blown away by theirenergy and enthusiasm for lifethat they displayed. Please letme know if you have any100th birthdays coming up.

    Once again, well done AngelaFeuer in producing thispublication, together with herassistance Gloria Holman.

    Barbara and I hope that youhad a happy and goodPesach.

    Harold Newman MBENational Chairman JACS ISSUE 60 - PESACH 2018


    Beehive Lane


    Brighton andHove


    Chigwell &Hainault

    Gants Hill

    Harrow MosaicReform

    Mill Hill








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    Time flies like an arrow; but fruit flies like a banana. Groucho Marx

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    Email: angimartinfeuer@aol.comPhone: 01895 621400

    AdvertisingMrs Gloria Holman

    8 Birnbeck Court, 98 Bells Hill,Barnet EN5 2TD. T: 0208 364 8934


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    JACS - NEXT ISSUEThe Journal is printed in time for Pesach andjust prior to Rosh Hashanah. Please let ushave your articles in good time.

    JACS Clubs


    The 2018 AGM of the Gants HillJACS was held at 2a clarenceAvenue on the 1st March, whichwas Purim. Some of the committeewere consequently in fancy dress!

    Due to the adverse weather conditionsonly 2 JACS members and 2 representatives of the National JACSexecutive were able to join the local committee members for theafternoon.

    Those attending had no major difficultyalmost finishing off the Hamentashenprovided.

  • #PeopleOfJewishCare

    Theres something special about coming together to celebrate all festivals. Thats why for someone like Alan, who lives with dementia every day of the year, we try and make every festival memorable. We need to raise 3,000 every single day just to care for people living with dementia.

    Will you help make sure that no one has to face dementia alone this Pesach and beyond?

    To donate please call 020 8922 2600 or visit

    Charity Reg No. 802559

    We make sure Alan

    celebrates every



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    I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good snooze. D H Lawrence


    How does one stay in touch?Philosophizing do you subscribe to theadage by writing long letters telling all thenews in glorious technicolour (beloved byAmericans), by sending a card for eitherbirthday, anniversary or condolence with amessage by making a telephone call,contacting by email or text and by anyother means I have not mentioned.

    I feel sending any information via social mediais a bit impersonal, but the technologicalrevolution has surely resolved the dilemma.Hardly anyone under 30 sends cards or caresabout them. They use Twitter and other suchdevelopments to stay in touch and they do somost successfully. Whom am I to buck thistrend? Just because I am not on Facebookmeans that I am not up to the 21st Century andam old fashioned, but wait for it! .. mychildren portray my news as well as their ownon their page, so indeed I am sort of with-it by default it must be said. However, like penand ink, paper salutations are surely anendangered species. Additionally, think of allthe artists, illustrators and printers that would go

    out of business if cards disappear, not tomention the charities who raise money byselling their missives.

    Despite these salient facts, I really like receivingcards for my birthday and news from far awayfriends, so ignore my protestations agin thecarefully chosen cards and missives, whichinevitably end up as non cherished keepsakesor barely glanced at recycling fodder.

    Enough procrastination Im joining the 21stCentury and the one click revolution apart fromthe immediate family, a distant band of agingfriends (local) and relatives and some friends Irarely see but want to keep in touch with.

    However, the ways one keeps in touch surelydo not matter as LONG AS ONE DOES. Theyare often the once a year notation showing thatyou are thinking of that particular person however fleetingly, and are really appreciatedby the recipient. So .in the words of thattime honoured classic CARRY ONREGARDLESS.

    Have a happy and healthy Pesach.

    Angela FeuerEditor


  • PESACH Page5

    The only way to get 30 minutes uninterrupted rest in a hospital, is to ring for a nurse. Old Southern saying



    Dear Dad,

    Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and Ireally like it here, but Dad I am a bit ashamedto arrive at my college with my pure goldFerrari 599GTB when my teachers and manyfellow students travel by train.

    Your son Nasser

    The next day, Nasser gets areply to his email from hisDad....

    My dear loving son,

    Twenty million US Dollars have just beentransferred to your account. Please stopembarrassing us. Go and get yourself a traintoo.

    Love your Dad

    AND ALSO...

    Do you ever wake up, kiss the personsleeping beside you, and feel glad that youare alive?

    I just did, and apparently will not beallowed on this airline again...

    Every family has one weirdrelative - if you dont know who itis, then its probably YOU!

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    Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men. E B White


    Very appropriately the MillHill JACS celebratedtheir Barmitzvah as theywere 13 years old, on the 13December 2017. For thisauspicious event they hadScott Haynes, a popularvocalist, entertaining the 150people gathered together, aswell as laying on a delicious

    high tea, and finally lighting theMenorah to commemorateChanukah.

    Scott entertained the crowdwith selections from FrankSinatra, Neil Drummond,Bobbie Daren and DeanMartin to name but a few, andseveral people got up to danceto the songs, which created ahappy, friendly atmosphere inthe hall. Harold and BarbaraNewman, (the NationalChairman and NationalSecretary) were guests ofhonour, and Harold and hislady did not disappoint as theywere the first up on the floor tolead the dancing!!

    After a delicious tea consistingof sandwiches, scones andcream, fishballs and variouscakes as well as theubiquitous donuts Ra