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<p>CHALLENGES OF SHRM &amp; BARRIERS TO STRATEGIC HR</p> <p>Definition of SHRM</p> <p>Strategic Human Resources Management is the process of aligning business goals with talent resources using data from competencies, reviews, and compliance records in order to create teams that have the most synergy.</p> <p>HRM Strategic Challenges</p> <p>Leadership Development Management Development Globalization Outsourcing</p> <p>Barriers of SHRM</p> <p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.</p> <p>Inducing the vision and mission of the change effort. High resistance due to lack of cooperation from the bottom line. Interdepartmental conflict. The commitment of the entire senior management team. Plans that integrate internal resource with external requirements. Limited time, money and the resources. The status quo approach of employees.</p> <p>HT302-SHRM-in-practice[].flv</p>


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