challenging good local governance experiences from afghanistan conrad schetter

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Challenging Good Local Governance Experiences from Afghanistan Conrad Schetter Bonn, 4 October 2007

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Challenging Good Local Governance Experiences from Afghanistan Conrad Schetter. Bonn, 4 October 2007. Good Governance versus Governance. Good Governance “getting politics right“ from “top down to bottom up“ guided by the paradigm of liberal democracy. Good Governance versus Governance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Challenging Good Local Governance

    Experiences from Afghanistan

    Conrad SchetterBonn, 4 October 2007

  • Good Governance versus Governance

    Good Governance

    getting politics right

    from top down to bottom up

    guided by the paradigm of liberal democracy

  • Good Governance versus GovernanceGovernance refers to the formation and stewardship of the formal and informal rules that regulate the public realm, the arena in which states as well as economic and social actors interact to make decisions (Goran Hyden 2002)

    academic perspective on mechanisms and rules, which generate policy outcomes

  • ZEF projects on GovernanceAll large ZEF-projects on natural resources include a governance dimension (GLOWA; Khorezm etc.)

    Further projectsGood Governance and the Law-making Process for Economic Reforms in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan (Noha al-Mikawy)Alternative Institutions for Natural Resource Management in Developing Countries (Stefanie Engel)The Impact of Liberalization cum Decentralization Economies on Russias Agro-food Sector (Peter Wehrheim)

  • ZEF projects on Governance

    ZEF-Governance Research interlinked with research on knowledge cultural diversity decentralization

  • Good Local Governance in Fragile States

    Why important?on the local level people are facing decision making process on a daily basis lack of state structures on the local levellack of contact persons for development agencies

  • Good Local Governance in Fragile States

    Good Local Governance aims

    to empower local communities

    to introduce liberal democratic principles

  • Research AreaKunduz

  • Good Local Governance in AfghanistanProjects quick and visible increasing the acceptance and physical security of IOs/NGOs

    Intervening in existing power structuresmanifestation of power structuresde-legitimacy of democratic principles or destabilization of the local social order

  • Good Local Governance in Afghanistan

    Undercover State Building via Good Local Governanceidentifying, shaping and territorializing of village communities

    IOs/NGOs Agencies of modernityIOs/NGOs are symbolizing the enforcement of a new order and the restructuring of power

  • Conclusion

    Good Governance is caught between two normative dilemmasa) Encouraging ownership of the peopleb) Introducing modern standards

  • Conclusion

    Role of research at ZEFGenerating knowledge about the policy and the implementation of good governance approachesGenerating knowledge about local institutions and actors

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