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In 1990 the start of Britney’s career, she travelled to Atlanta to audition for The Mickey Mouse Club when she was 8 years old, but due to being too young she was denied a place. She spent the next three years in New York City attending the Professional Performing Arts School Centre. When she was 11 she finally gained a place along with her other future co famous stars Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling and then returned home in 1994 when the show was cancelled

Britney signed to Jive Records and flew to Sweden to record her first album, …Baby One More Time in March of 1998.

Baby One More Time was released in January. The track was also the lead single for her and reached number 1 on Billboard 200, and for the music video, Britney suggested a Catholic schoolgirl theme to portray a very innocent and young image for herself

The year 2000 was a big break through for Britney with headlining the “Baby One More Time Tour”, she released her sophomore album, “Oops!… I Did It Again”, in May which sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

That September, she performed a mash-up of “Satisfaction” and “Oops … I Did It Again,” at the MTV Video Music Awards in a sequined flesh-coloured bodysuit which changed her image to more of a sex appeal towards the audience earning her more fame worldwide from a good mixtures of target audience,

In 2005, Britney gave birth to her first child Sean Preston Federline with her husband which resulted in her image changing and possibly losing some fans due to her less sex appeal image

Just when you thought everything was going well in her career, Britney suffered a major breakdown which caused her to take a break from her music career and revamp her much needed help image. This was due to her close aunt dying of ovarian cancer resulting her in and our of rehab facilities. To make matters worse she lost custody of her kids to K-Fed the same month she released her fifth studio album “Blackout”.

In 2009, Britney made a break through and was back, thanks to the production “Circus” she had earned her place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest solo female artist to have 5 albums debut at number 1.

In total of the “Circus” tour in March, Britney managed to rake in $131.8 million showing her well known image was very much still well known

Britney experienced a lot of changes in her life which allowed her to result in many changed images from an innocent school girl to a bald shaved head.

Her image was originally synthetic throughout her career it shifted towards more organic later in her life.

• Born ‘Destiny Hope Cyrus’• Image created at young age• ‘Miley Cyrus’ – Disney Channel star• 2007, released debut album• 2008 second album

Performed under the stage name ‘Hannah Montana’

In Late 2012 signed with RCA Image became more sexual 2013 – bangerz released

Miley changed completely from 2010 to 2013

Her Image appealed to those who listened to her in 2008, she has changed with her audience in terms of Typical music taste for that age range

Bangerz (Album) is marketed to 16-20 year old females.

Miley Changed considerably from 2010 – 2014Her Image changed as she signed with RCA records.

• People who started listening to Miley in 2008 would have changed by 2013, she changed with audience

• Started out Pop-Rock for young kids• Hannah Montana Movies were country music• 2010, released pop dance album• 2013, signed to RCA Audience and Genre

Changed• Experimented with rap in a song titled 23,

didn’t release it on her own album she was only a featured act

• First Album 2007 - Meet Miley Cyrus• Second Album 2008 – Breakout• Third Album 2010 – Can’t be Tamed • Fourth Album 2013 – Bangerz• Meet Miley Cyrus was actually part of a

double album, Meet Miley Cyrus Being disc 2, while her titular character Hannah Montana was the main artist, on disc one.

• Signed by Walt Disney and Hollywoo

Miley Cyrus was originally signed to Walt Disney Records under the name Hannah Montana – A synthetic act

Miley then debuted in 2007 as herself, signed a record deal with Hollywood records, seemed like an organic artist, wrote a fair deal of her own songs

In 2013 Miley signed with RCA Records and turned against her previous self who was established as a role model

Miley used to appeal to some common values, such as Youthfulness, creativity and originality

Miley stays within star image ideas and applies to far more common values; Rebellion, Sexual Magnetism, Anti-authoritarian attitude, disregard for social values and conspicuous consumption of taboo items

Miley Cyrus’ Twerk video made her infamous on the internet

The man behind that dance was Larry Rudolph

Miley hired Rudolph as her manager in 2013 at the same time she switched to RCA records

Wanted to be seen as more adult Larry Rudolph made turned her from a

child star to an adult one

Miley Cyrus is now a Synthetic act Her new image was devised by Larry

Rudolph in an attempt to establish her as an adult star instead of a child star

Rudolph also did the same for Brittney Spears, transitioning her from a child star into an adult one

A Clear change is evident and in keeping to Dyers theory we never know ‘Destiny Hope Cyrus’ we only know ‘Miley Cyrus ’

‘Miley Cyrus’ is a completely synthetic act as she was created by Disney channel as Hannah Montana. Miley then transition to herself and seemed like an organic act, but then re-transitioned back into a synthetic act.