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    Changing the shape of an image

    Changing the shape of an image so that it can fit into

    a particular place, fit the style of the page, or to focus on a point of the


  • 1. Open Photoshop, and open the the image you want to edit in


    2. Right-click on the image, and duplicate the image. Then, right-click on the original image, and delete it. This is because you cannot change the shape of a

    background image.

    3. Then, select the marquee tool, the dashed box, and then select the

    elliptical marquee tool

  • 4. Once youve selected the the tool, you can select what piece of the image you

    want to keep, and what shape you want it to be.

    5. Next, once your image has been selected, go to the top menu, click on

    Select, and then on Inverse. This will now select everything except what you

    originally selected.

    6. Finally, press the delete button, and you will be left with just your original photo



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