chapter 17: the civil war vocabulary. battle of bull run battle won by the confederates and...

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Chapter 17: The Civil War Vocabulary

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Chapter 17: The Civil War

Chapter 17: The Civil WarVocabularyBattle of Bull Runbattle won by the Confederates and Stonewall Jackson

conscriptiondrafting of civilians to serve in the army

Copperheadnorthern Democrat who wanted to make peace with the Confederacy during the Civil War

Robert E. LeeConfederate general who defended Richmond from attack

Stonewall JacksonConfederate general who got his nickname from standing as strong as a stone wall in battle

Fort Pillowsite where 200 African American war prisoners were killed

Ulysses S. GrantUnion general who after heavy Union and Confederate losses captured victory at Shiloh

David G. Farragutcommander of the Union navy who captured the port of New Orleans

George McClennanfirst Union general appointed by Lincoln to lead Union troops

MerrimackConfederate ironclad ship

MonitorUnion ironclad ship

Fort SumterUnion fort in Charleston, South Carolina that was seized by the Confederate troops and became the beginning of the Civil War

Antietambloodiest battle of the war in Maryland. Union troops forced Lee to retreat but did not chase them. Lincoln fired McClellan soon after

Anaconda Planthree-part plan Union plan to win the Civil War which was1) blockade southern ports so they couldn't get supplies 2) split the Confederacy in two near the Mississippi River 3) capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia

habeas corpuscourt order that says people in jail need to appear in court and told why they are in jail

Emancipation Proclamationorder issued by Lincoln freeing slaves in the Confederacy

income taxtax that takes a percentage of an individual's income used to pay for the war

AndersenvilleConfederate war camp that was overcrowded

Clara BartonUnion nurse who started the Red Cross