chapter 3 community prevention partnerships and collaborations

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  • Chapter 3Community Prevention Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)Created by Anti-Drug Abuse Act 1986.Focus is to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug(ATOD) problems nationwide.Primarily focused on influencing attitudes and practices of ___________________.Target group includes high risk youth whose environment or lifestyle puts them at high risk of developing problems.

  • high risk youth-CSAPEconomically disadvantaged youthSchool drop outs or those at risk of drop outPregnant teenagers or teenage parentsChildren of alcoholics or substance users___________________________Runaway or homeless youthAbused or neglected youth_____________________Users of gateway drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana)

  • Assessing Community ReadinessWhat risk factors are present?Transient populationNorms supporting drug useDrug dealing/ crimeAbsence of alternativesWhat drugs are being abused?Who is abusing?Where does drug abuse take place?What data is available about the nature and extent of local drug problem?Others listed on page 81

  • Factors Associated with ReadinessProblem definitionRecognition of the problem by communityExistence of and access to resources__________________________Energy to mobilize and sustain preventionNetworking with and support of stakeholdersTalent and leadership structure

  • Community PartnershipsA systems approach to preventionPrevention efforts made through coalitions and collaborations within the communityHealth services____________________________Law enforcementJudicial organizationsTreatment servicesBusiness communityGovernment agencies________________________Recreational organizations

  • Community Action Groups______________________________________________________________________________MADDSTIKWRAPDADD

  • Desirable Prevention StrategiesComprehensive vision covering all segments of the community and all aspects of community lifeA wide sharing of this vision, agreed upon by groups and citizens across the community_____________________________________________________________________________________Avoidance or resolution of severe conflict that might reflect misunderstandings about a partnerships basic purpose

  • Desirable Prevention StrategiesDecentralized units, encouraging participation and action at small area or neighborhood levelsNon disruptive staff turnover of a reasonable rateExtensive prevention activities and support for local prevention policies

  • Four Types of Communities_______________Middle or working class communities where substance abuse problems are newly rising.Best ApproachesHigh awareness activitiesCoordination activitiesPolicy action

  • Four Types of Communities_______________Resources poor communities where substance abuse problems are newly rising.Best ApproachesPolicy actionCreation of prevention infrastructures

  • Four Types of CommunitiesType C__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Best ApproachesPolicy actionCreation of prevention infrastructuresReduce antagonisms between residents and service providersResident mobilizationActivities to restrict the supply of drugs

  • Four Types of CommunitiesType DCommunities where drug production is an implicit part of the community economy.Best ApproachesReduce mixed messagesActivities to restrict the supply of drugs

  • Prevention Activities and PoliciesAwareness activities_______________________________________________Press releases, posters, and pamphletsFundraisersMedia announcementsProgram activitiesAlternative programs for youthMedia campaignsEmployment programsWorkplace programs______________________________________________________Coordination of community organizationsPrevention PoliciesGun/ free drug school zoneLocal control of liquor licensesSchool substance abuse and weapons suspension policies________________________________________________________________________Pre employment and random drug testing