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Chapter 5 Public Image

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  • Chapter 5Public Image

  • Chapter OverviewLesson 5.1 Public RelationsLesson 5.2 FansLesson 5.3 Publishing and Speaking Engagements

  • Lesson 5.1Public Relations

  • Image is Everything!Public Relations:Creates a _________ public opinion of an individual or organization.______ & _____

  • Action PlanAcquire letter of _______ that details the firms services. Should answer:Which _____ of media are most appropriate?What will be used to create a favorable image?How will the public relations firm ________ it?Public relations _________ and ________ the events and athletes.

  • The Big PictureImportance of a positive image extends beyond the athletes and events to include:___________ of eventAttractive ____________________ reputation__________ reputation

  • Special EventsPromote ___________Willingness to work with or assist a person/organization based on _________ relationship.Keep the _________ happyWhat were the problems with Atlanta during the Olympics?Make public relations workListen to ___________ & problems and find ways to fix them

  • Athletes and Public GoodwillOct. 1998 ____ contract negotiationsBaseball player strikesMultimillion $ contracts for athletesLook ________Overcome this by __________ moneyFans/Cities can get ____ images tooReassure fans by bringing in extra police to control unruly fans

  • Lesson 5.2Fans

  • Fan ClubsWhat attracts you to an athlete?What do fans give:__________Positive _______ attentionTicket and merchandise _______Offers the opportunity for an athlete to build a positive image.

  • Benefits of Fan ClubsCharge a small ______ to join; some _______What do you get????__________ on merchandiseSpecial _________ or seminars

  • Licensing & MerchandisingMultibillion billion dollar industryLicense sports merchandise to ___ party companiesProduce, distribute, and sellTeam Licensing Business (TLB) magazinePurchased through:Fan clubsLicensed ___________ storesMagazinesAt sports eventsFastest growing product line__________ and electronic games

  • EvergreensRemain valuable from year to year_______________Baseball Cards used to promote sales through:Addition to cigarette packsAddition to Bubble gum packsWhat effects trading cards:New ___________Change teams____________ of highly regarded player

  • Predicting the MarketVery __________Licensing are expensiveOakland Raiders took risk by adding ________ to color schemeFans liked it; increased salesSuccessesStarter, Rawlings, and Champion have consistent recordUpper Deck has done wellKodak boosted sales by becoming Olympic sponsor

  • Lesson 5.3Publishing and Speaking Engagements

  • Motivational SpeakingPeople enjoy listening to speeches by well-known individualsAthletes cannot plan on a _________ career in their sportRange from giving __________ talks to small ____________ seminars

  • Speakers SuccessSpeakers success and the ________ they charge depends more on:Excellent speaking and communication skillsWell-written speechesAbility to handle ___________ questionsMessage that the audience is interested in hearingSense of humor, sincerity, people skills

  • Aids to SuccessRely on strong marketing and __________ campaignsAn agent to _____ engagementsSpecialists paid __ of fees charged for the speechPromotional Sports Stars, Inc._________ its speakersTop speakers:Rick PitinoTommy LasordaMai Hamm

  • Price of MotivationRick Pinto receives $20,000 and round-trip, first-class plane tripTalk about _______ building and coachingUses __________ as an acronymSuperstars earn between $7,500-$25,000 for single speaking engagementOther related careers: ________________

  • Writing their StoriesWell-written _________ will sell wellLeads to national publicity tourBroadens the _______ because of the themes and concerns.

  • Publishing Process__________ or sports reporters writePrices are determined by public ____________Author receives a _________10% or more of the price for each copy soldCan make several million dollars on best seller