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Chronological Religious Cultural History HISTORY: The Pre-Islamic Period The Early Muslim Period The Mughal Muslim Period The Afghan Muslim Period The Sikh Period The Dogra Period Up to 1320AD (720AH) (1320 - 1586 AD) (720- 994AH) 1586 - 1752 AD (994 -1165AH) 1752 - 1819 AD (1165 - 1234AH) 1819 -1846 AD (1234 -1262AH) 1846 - 1948 AD (1262-1366AH

CHAQCHAN MOSQUE IN HISTORY Zorosasts temple Bhudah temple Up to (1220-617AH) (1220-1320AD) (617-720 AH) (1381AD-783AH) (1438AD-842AH) (1505AD-911AH) 1928-1347AH) (1936 AD-1355AH) (1988 AD -1408AH) (2006-7AD-1427AH) 645 Years Foundation Stone Laid by Mir Syed Ali Hamadani Construction of I st Floor by Mir Mohammad Nurbakhsh Construction of 2nd Floor by Mir Shamsud Din Iraqi Decoration of ceiling Decoration of verandah ceiling Painting & CGI sheet Roofing (Grant from Federal Govt) Preservation of archaeological Monument (Tourism Deptt) Age of archeological monument

Provision of Archeological Monuments in Ghanche District

Religio-Cultural TourismMir Syed Ali Hamadani

Shah Hamadan Torch Bearer of Peace. English version Engr.Nazir

Mir Syed Muhammad Nurbakhsh

Two Dimensional View of Chaqchan Mosque

Front Elevation

Road side View

Northern Side View depicting Siachin side in back drop

Southern Side View

Insignia of Mosque Constructed by Shah Hamadan Syed Ali Hamadani

Insignia shows five wigs depicting Panjitan Pak (a.s) and the Holy names curved on the Metal Panjaand the stem connected with metal chains.Alam tarakaifa Zuarabal laho masalan kalimatin taibatin kashajaratin taibatin asluha sabitun wa ferauha fis samai tuti oukalaha kulla haenin biezni rabbiha (Ibrahim:24-25)

History of interior decoration

Interior View of the Mosque

Decoration of Ceiling

Interior decoration-II

Front View of Verandah

Main Gate of Mosque

RAMNANTS OF SHAH HAMADAN Stick of Shah Hamadan at Khanqa Frano

Chaqchan Mosque & Ever